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Outpatient knee surgery at Steadman Hawkins clinic, $17,197.95. One memorable night at Cordillera with bodyguards, $1,519. Eight carat diamond for wife to say, “Honey, I’m sorry,” $4 million. Having your wife sit beside you and hold your hand at press conference, priceless.

Only legal

This is Kim and I just have one thing to say. Anybody that is here in the valley that is illegal needs to go back home.

Give them a chance

While reading the Vail Daily I came to notice two or three Tipsline people voicing their negative opinions about Wal-Mart. I feel very fortunate to have a Super Wal-Mart here. We’ve been waiting three decades for one-stop shopping. That doesn’t mean that we will neglect the mom-and-pop shops. I personally still spend my money in their places. … I’d like to address that Jeff Krump has been brought in from a different state to try and manage this store. I believe that’s he pushing a 747 uphill, with all of his might, all of his energy and all of his spirit. I believe that he deserves a really good break from our community. If you want a good job, and you need a job where you will be paid and respected well, go to Wal-Mart and apply for a job, and let’s make this a good Super Wal-Mart that does add to the economy of our valley and gives us the necessities at a reasonable price. Saying that he is going to fail and that the store will be awful in two months is the hugest degree of negativity. Let’s see what happens. This man is putting his entire self into making this store a good place with fresh smelling bathrooms and courteous people. I think there’s a lot of snobbery surrounding jobs. A good job is a great job. It doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. Do it well, respect your job and respect the people around you.

No slack

It’s 1 o’clock on Thursday afternoon. I’m driving east bound, and once again the westbound traffic is backed up right to the old Nedbo accident site. The only officer in the whole vicinity is about a mile west of that, sitting in the turnaround lane, looking for speeders. What, you’re more interested in collecting money from speeders than stopping somebody else from dying in the exact same spot? Why don’t you get over to Dowd Junction, put your darn lights on, say the traffic is about to be stopped and stop worrying about collecting some dollars.

Working hard

This call is in reference to “called competition and finding fault” in the Vail Daily. There are a lot of Wal-Mart associates out there that are trying very hard to keep our number one commitment, taking care of the customer, and that seems to be our number one priority. I’m sorry that there’s people that haven’t been or seem to think customer service hasn’t improved, but there are several people out there who have told us and there are several people that are working their darndest taking a lot of pride in their work. As Wal-Mart associates, we are offended by people saying that they don’t appreciate some of our hard work, because we’re trying our darndest to be up to the par of our number one commitment of customer service. So try again, and hopefully you’ll be having a better day, but our Wal-Mart associates take pride in our work, and thanks for shopping in our Avon Wal-Mart Super Center.

No. 1 in effort

This is in reference to the Tipsline on “called competition.” Does this person work for the number one retailer in the world? Because there’s an awful lot of Wal-Mart associates that are very proud to work for the number one retailer in the world, and the number one retailer in Colorado. So don’t be fooled by what this person said and shop at our Wal-Mart here at our new Avon Super Center, and check out the competition for yourself.

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