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Danger to everyone

What can we do to get the bicycles off U.S. Highway 24? As a commuter who uses that road Monday through Friday, I don’t have a problem with the bicycles if they want to risk their own life, but frankly on U.S. Highway 24, they’re risking the life of everyone that encounters them along their ride. So let’s put pressure on CDOT and get them to close U.S. Highway 24 to our friends who like to ride their bikes and risk their lives and ours, too.

Don’t let cameras in

This is in reference to the cameras in the courtroom. My understanding is that the DA wanted the case to be held in Eagle County because the incident happened in Eagle County. Well then, I feel that maybe there shouldn’t be any cameras in the courtroom, and those spaces that are available, which are just 68, should be for the Eagle County residents so they can go sit in on the court date.

I don’t understand this fiasco that’s going on here, but I’m getting sick of all the media in our town and I personally feel that there have been other sexual assaults in Eagle County, and it hasn’t caused this fiasco. In fact, some of the sexual assault cases have been discharged. Now this comes in, and it’s this big hoopla. …

History lesson

For the record, the Daily Grind was started by Chris Chantler and Craig Arseneau, who brilliantly brought the best coffee house to Bridge Street. Kaye Ferry was brought in for monetary reasons, but the idea and the sweat and the fantastic times were brought on by Chris and Craig of the famous Daily Grind.

Keep stapling!

I’m calling about the guy who called in who hate staples. Personally, I love staples. This way the paper won’t blow down highway 6, like it used to. The careless people leave their paper out on the box and the wind blows the paper down the street. I think that this will help that a lot. So, thanks for the staples. Save our planet!

Some deal

This is regarding the Bair Ranch open space. I can’t believe we’re going to use our taxpayer money to settle a deal between two essentially millionaire brothers, all under the guise of open space.

This is a battle between a couple of millionaires that have sucked us into this deal. Very resourceful on their part. Craig Bair said, “The only way I can do it is to sell some land or use this easement option.” The good senator from Leadville said, “This is the right thing to do, but maybe not the smart thing to do. Let’s do the smart thing.”

Eagle County taxpayers have no business subsidizing someone else’s lifestyle choices. This ranch will get $2 million of our money and we cannot access any part of that property unless we pay an outfitter hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, to hunt and fish or recreate on that land. The 512-acre river parcel being granted to us is not accessible by land without trespassing. To use it you must swim the Colorado. Tom Steinberg said, “It sets the tone for ranchers as to what we can do for them.” At what point will we stop? Where can I get in line for county taxpayer money to acquire and preserve some land that I can live and work on? This is a terrible precedent to set. This is a terrible decision by the county commissioners Gallagher and Menconi.

The decision to fund this project was made way too fast for the majority of taxpayers to get a handle on. What is the review process in this situation, anyway? The opposition must organize and be heard.

Don’t like merger

I was calling contrary to the article on the fire service recently and I just need to clarify some stuff as far as what was said and that the firefighters here in Vail are not for and not excited for this merger, and we would like to be heard.

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