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I’m calling to let everyone know it was such a collage of emotions at the farewell for the founder and inventor of Vail, Peter Seibert, his awesome three son family, and of course Betty too. What a glorious day, with the sun shining. it was as if Peter’s spirit was existing here in the Vail Valley which he created for all of us, the entrepreneurs and everyone too.

I was a pioneer back in those days, a young, young girl, who really enjoyed watching the growth of Vail and being part of it. Not all of us come from a lot of money or created a lot of money, but the spirit of Vail lies in my heart, and yesterday was a day I will never forget, and I want to thank Peter, because he made it all happen.

Falling standards

I’m calling in regard to what I feel is a downfall in the service standards here in the Vail Valley. My wife and I are building our greenhouse in the area here and we went to a tile store just this past week … and while we were in there we were going through the showroom and the clerk came in to help us. Bad choice of words, as it turned out. She really wasn’t much of a help and my wife asked her a question and the clerk said, “Well, I think you people can figure that out.” So we asked to see the manager and the manager seemed to be engrossed in something else and did not seem to want to help us. It would have been a large sale if they ever did decide that we were worthy of their help. And this is not the only occasion.

It’s a concern to me not only in restaurants. I know that a lot of people here are underpaid and overworked. But when you see it in a retail shop where I’m sure the people are here year-round, it’s something else entirely, and it makes us wonder if the Vail Valley is where we want to build our greenhouse.

But anyways, hopefully people will realize that good service is what brings people back to the area. You can leave my name, Steven Atkins.

Missing sign

I’m wondering who in the town of Vail is responsible for taking down the very beautiful and attractive Buffer Creek Park sign. It was very colorful and placed among the flowers, it looked very attractive. Took that sign down, and replaced it with a small brown, very dull, bland sign. Whoever is responsible for that kind of decision-making needs to be replaced.

Kicking the players

I would just like to express my disappointment in the town of Vail during the Pepi’s Invitational Soccer Tournament. When the players who were invited to play here had to pay for parking to play games. I can understand charging the spectators, but to charge the players a parking fee I think was a shame and kinda ludicrous. And that’s my tip for the day.

Suck it up

This is for the people whining about the rides and the carts at the free concerts on Tuesday nights. What makes you think you’re entitled to a ride? If you hurt your leg, you don’t have to go out. Nobody needs to accommodate you. Take care of yourself. Get a wheelchair if you have to go out to a free concert on Tuesday night. Nobody owes you anything. Get a life and stop complaining about it, you whiners.

Campaign trail

I’m calling as a concerned citizen of Eagle County and a concerned Republican party member. Joyce Mack, candidate for Eagle County tax assessor proposes that she has 17 years experience in government. Myself, being a taxpayer, paying taxes and being a member of the Republican Party for over 17 years, does that qualify me as a candidate for tax assessor? I am very distressed with the inaccurate information being put forth by assessor candidate Joyce Mack.

Her ad in the Vail Daily states 12 years in assessing. That is wrong. She has 12 years in calculating tap fees off as-built drawings. That is not making assessments. I may be tipping my hand here to Joyce, but you have to know the three approaches to assessment. Why assessed values change from year to year and that the assessment, not tap fees, is for determining the tax rate which is levied to pay schools for the airport and for other valuable county services.

The assessor has to answer to all of us and has to work with the county administrator and budget officer who does not let the assessor work in a vacuum. In response to the aftermath of the tragic events of Sept. 11, Eagle County cut back on its expenditures and reduced the mill levy on property tax and is the lowest in the state of Colorado.

Everyone is entitled to object to the assessments, and each one was handled fairly, reasonably and accurately.

Joyce’s choice of acronyms is one letter off, instead of A-R-F, it should be B-A-R-F. I am voting for Jody Caruthers on August the 13th, and I ask you to do the same. She has the real experience and she is fair, accurate and reasonable.

Please vote on Aug. 13. It’s our last chance to put fair, accurate and reasonable people in the positions that we vote for.

Wind down, back off

Advice to professional landscapers. Cheer up, we are past the summer solstice, and if you can get in touch with nature you will notice that we have cool nights which cut transferation in half. Hence, you can cut your watering in half. And if you’ve overstaffed your nurseries with plants, that’s your problem. We’re only two months from snow and frost and it’s time to wind down. So relax and enjoy August. But the water crisis is real, so reschedule your timers and get with the program.

What a kick

I’d like to comment on the great wholesome event here in Eagle County, that 3 on 3 soccer. It just showed the pride and great happenings here in Eagle County and what our youth is all about and what our parents are all about, and I’d really like to see more of that. Maybe our kids won’t grow up to be gang members.

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