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Who is complaining?

I’m calling about the new Wal-Mart. I keep reading about all the negative publicity it’s getting. I think it’s great. As a local here, I work two jobs just to pay the bills, and having a store like Wal-Mart where I can get my food for less and my goods for less is great. Why would I want to go shop at one of those local stores that’s going to charge me twice as much for the same product. I don’t own a second home here that costs millions of dollars, so I think it’s great to have a Wal-Mart here in the community.

Act of kindness

Yesterday morning I had a flat tire at mile marker 137 on my way to Grizzly Creek Trail. No sooner had I pulled over to investigate the tire, Jeff from CDOT pulled over and changed that tire for me, which was extremely helpful. I just wanted to call and say thank you, Jeff from CDOT, very much for your kindness.

Pushing prices down

Regarding the various tips, both for and against the Super Wal-Mart Center. The reality is on the grocery side, if you look at the prices at City Market, suddenly a lot of them have come down. It is really, really nice to finally see some price competition here in the valley on groceries, especially for someone who has a number of people in their home to feed, especially young people. We have to appreciate the fact that we’re seeing some price competition in the valley on groceries. It’s expensive enough to live here without having to pay to dollar for groceries.

Gone too far

This is ridiculous with this “sources on rumor untrue” dealing with the sodomy. You guys, come on. You don’t need that for a headline, not in a family valley and with a family newspaper.

Black commissioner

It just absolutely astounds me as to how the media in general can say we are a very prejudiced county because we don’t have any black people living here so to speak. I know that there are a few families. They’re wonderful people, But if we’re so prejudiced, why in the world did we ever elect a black guy to be a county commissioner? He did great, Mr. James Johnson. I mean he’s sorely missed because he did a wonderful job. He was black, therefore I don’t think we’re prejudiced.

Ban cars instead

The silliest thing on my mind is that “danger to everyone” article that somebody put in about “ban bicycles on 24.” Now that’s silly. If people just can’t understand what recreation’s all about, then maybe we should ban drivers from 24.

Motorists dangerous

I’m just responding to the Tipsline where someone wrote “a danger to everyone” as far as closing off U.S. Highway 24 to bike riders, and my response to this is you know, vehicles need to yield. There’s a double line and you can’t see what’s ahead or there’s traffic coming, you need to slow down and not pass that bicyclist. You know car drivers, bicycles were on the road before you guys were, and you don’t even pay attention to the rules of the road and you go past us when there’s vehicles coming and when there’s a double line and when there’s a curve in the road. You guys are foolish, you guys are the dangers to the road. Yeah, we’re risking our lives, but we’re doing something that we like to do. You like to drive crazy? Take care, we’re on the road, too. A concerned bicyclist.

Saved my life

This is in regard to the person who asked about the ambulance board doing what they were elected to do. Maybe they know more the health service district than you do. Why would an organization that is nationally recognized for excellence in EMS care want to join a fire district that isn’t even respected by its neighboring colleagues? They saved my life, and I want the quality of their service to stay as excellent as it is.

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