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Press good for Kobe

I agree with the Quick Takes, “You can’t hide in court.” I am trying to stay neutral in this case because my daughter is a friend of the female victim. But the press is going to kill the case. This was the best thing that happened to Kobe. If a lot of people did not know who Kobe was, they do now. But it had to be at the hands of a nice, well-rounded girl in our town. I had to move from the Vail area for health reasons, but I still stay in very close contact with our friends in the area. And I am really sick of the fact that Eagle is only known because of Kobe. Eagle has a lot of great things about it and beautiful places to view, hike, bike, skiing, etc. Not just Kobe! I wish the best of luck to the female victim. And I hope it is a fair trial, not biased like the O.J. trial.

Starbucks now?

Now that “you know who” has gone out of business, can we now have a Starbucks in the village?

Tell it to Texas

This comment is in response to the visiting Texans that are upset that the Vail Daily printed a picture of a skateboarder who was not wearing protective gear. That was his choice, and also the Vail Daily’s choice to print it. Everyone is here by choice and chooses to live here for their own reasons. If you have a problem with that, fine. But you, being a visitor to this wonderful place, should keep your two cents where it belongs, in Texas.

Taking cheap route

I wash my dishes, I mow my lawn, many of my white friends have office and housecleaning businesses and they do the physical work. What will the teen-agers do when they need work? These aren’t jobs white people won’t do. These are employers who hire the cheapest labor and pay no employer taxes. Start nailing the companies big time for hiring illegal alien workers. They are guilty of felonies, as well.

Tell the senator

I’d like to comment on a lot of letters and comments about illegal aliens and our borders being so porous. All of you who have something to say might want to go see Senator Wayne Allard at 10 o’clock on August 22 – that’s next Thursday, at the Vail Library – and ask him why our borders are so porous.

Could be your job

This is in regards to the Tip in the paper about letting the illegals stay here. I just want to let you know that I clean toilets for a living and I am an American citizen, so don’t tell me that the illegals are the only ones that are going to go out there and clean toilets and wash dishes. If they weren’t here, maybe our unemployment in the U.S. would not be as high as it is, and people would not have to be on unemployment because they’ve taken our jobs for lower pay. I don’t know what type of position you have. Maybe you’re a banker, maybe you’re a secretary or whatever, but how would you like it if they took your job away? I’ve had a hard time finding a job because all these types of jobs are filled and I don’t have the education that it takes to get a higher job, because I can’t afford the schooling. … My name is Pat.

Poor loser

It was clear to anyone who attended the commissioners’ variance hearing on July 29 that Tom Stone has a flagrant conflict of interest that he’s unwilling to admit. He didn’t have the decency to step down then and he continues his attacks on the proposal even after it has been approved. He knows no shame and is a poor loser.

Sharing lanes

I’m glad to see the dialogue in Tipsline regarding bikes on Highway 24 over to Leadville. As a commuter who drives that road every day, I finally called the Colorado State Patrol to find out what the rules are regarding bicycles and cars. Bicyclists, if you’re riding on U.S. Highway 24, it is your responsibility to ride on the right side shoulder line. Cars, you are supposed to be able to share the lane with the vehicles that are traveling in the same direction you are traveling. Therefore vehicles should not have to yield to oncoming traffic in order to get by you. Bicyclists should be to the right of the shoulder line, the vehicles passing you should be able to stay to the right of the double yellow line, and the bicycle and the car shares the lane. That’s why I think it’s a little dangerous.

Doesn’t make sense

I just wanted to respond to Kaye Ferry’s “play in Vail, stay in Vail” commentary in the Daily. I don’t know what planet this woman’s from, but it’s obviously not Earth. Does she realize that they had the New York Philharmonic playing in Vail this summer? And to use her rationale, anybody that comes in the winter who isn’t staying in Vail but will stay in Eagle-Vail, Edwards, Avon, Beaver Creek or anything shouldn’t ski in Vail, either. …

Support the police

This is in response to the lashing-out person: Sounds like an obvious cop hater who must have gotten a ticket one time. We need to support our local police, not bag on them. They’re out there putting their lives on the line doing jobs that no one else wants to do, and I’m sure that the person that sits there and calls them doughnut-eating clowns will be the first one squealing for a police officer to come help him when his car gets stolen or he’s in some sort of trouble. Typical hypocrite. Of course he doesn’t have the … to leave his name. My name is Paul McLaughlin, I work at Beaver Creek. I’m not a cop, I just support them.

Not bad for everyone

I just read your article about the discount ski ticket offers. I can’t believe that there are any local shoppers that are not aware of the fact that we do have shopping spaces set aside just for shoppers and not for skier. So for merchants to continue to say that parking on the Frontage Road may have driven customers away on busy weekends just doesn’t make sense at all. Also, with Andy Stonehouse quoting that day-skier traffic has been decried in many quarters of Vail’s business community, that’s just not accurate. There’s one quarter that continues to harp on this issue. But if you talk to merchants in the village and in Lionshead, there are some people that are actually making money off of these people that come up to ski from the Front Range.

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