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Preaching to choir

Mr. Dan Smith, adjunct professor at CMC, and Don Rogers, who is guilty of accepting this hearsay commentary regarding folks bemoaning Front Range skiers: Excuse me, sirs! But the vast majority of us who live full time in Vail welcome everyone to the territory. I think you should leave opinions, such as what you think you have heard, in your closet. Everyone I know works hard at welcoming folks on the ski lifts, the slope, and on Bridge Street! The real problem, if you had any knowledge at all, is the gouging landlords of commercial real estate. High prices that merchants have to pay for the privilege of doing business in Vail. Why don’t you look into that and leave locals out of the equation. We all love our visitors. End of story.

Ugh: Staples, Kobe

I would like to touch lightly on two subjects. For one that the paper is now stapled. I have never read any publication anywhere in the entire world, and I’ve traveled about quite frequently, that has had a staple in its publication as a newspaper. It just seems completely ridiculous to me, it’s a complete waste of metal, and I think it should stop. Second, I am absolutely disgusted by the idea that the Kobe Bryant case has taken over power of the entire Vail Valley. You folks dedicate a page at least per day to the idea of the Kobe Bryant case, particularly today when I picked up the paper, there was an article about Kobe Bryant calling 911 for his wife. Who cares? Secondly, I think it is disgusting that we’re worried about the idea that the valley is going to suffer tourism-wise, that the valley is going to suffer money making-wise, businesses will suffer, however we decide to publicize it as much as possible and make as big a scene out of it as possible every single day. There’s not a day that has gone by in your newspaper that there isn’t at least one and a half pages dedicated to Kobe Bryant. It doesn’t matter whether he’s guilty or not. The situation remains is that we don’t need to be discussing it every day of our lives.

That’ll solve things

I’m responding to the Tipsline about bicyclists being on the highway. If the bicyclists are going to be riding on the highway, then they need to register their bikes like we do our cars. People who ride motorcycles have to register their motorcycles, so I think people who ride their bicycles on the highway definitely need to register. If they think their fair share of the road is due to them, then they need to register their vehicles.

Bikes the problem

I’m just calling in regards to the danger to everyone and everyone’s rebuttal to banning the bikes on Highway 24. I believe that whoever called and left that tip was slightly exaggerating. … We’ve got 10-speed bikes, bikes that travel up Battle Mountain at 2 miles an hour in the middle of the lane. Sometimes you have two bikes abreast, side by side, going up Battle Mountain and you have no way to get around them on a double yellow. You can’t pass bikes. What we need are bicyclists who ride mountain bikes instead of 10-speeds and stay on the shoulder, because usually 10-speeds are scared to ride on the gravel off the side of the road. Maybe we should get everyone riding mountain bikes and wouldn’t have to worry about it. That way everyone would stay off the shoulder. … The bikes, we believe, are still the source of the problem. They just don’t understand the rules of the road. Look for bikes who run through red lights. You see it everywhere.

Use bike paths

This is my idea about Highway 24 bikers and motorists. We as taxpayers have spent millions of dollars making bike trails. These bike trails need to be utilized by bikers and pedestrians. If there is a bike trail that is there for people to use, it should be used. And if these bicyclists are on the highway when there’s a bike trail, they need to be fined. That’s why we made the bike trails. My name is Laverne, and that’s what needs to be done.

Too much

I am calling about “Avon village changes” for Shane Bohart. What’s he trying to do? Put more buildings up when we’ve got enough buildings and residences that aren’t even renting? Why doesn’t he try to do something for the kids around this town. We got guests coming in, or do they just have to do nothing? I don’t see why they don’t try to put up a bowling alley; maybe that would be a good idea. They take our school out of the way? Forget it. We pay enough taxes as it is.

Great job, Minturn

In Minturn, a river runs through it. I just wanted to call to give kudos to town staff and the council and zoning commission that had the foresight to help approve the river restoration project. Sure, some of the folks on the river have seen their river readjusted and maybe not run as close to their back porch as it did, but the reality is there’s an instant improvement in the river, particularly at Cemetery Bridge. On Thursday night of this past week I stopped to look at the project and saw children playing in the river, and could actually see fish swimming underneath the bridge, something I haven’t seen in five years of living on the river. So to Alan Lanning and his staff that secured the funds to restore that river at no cost to the citizens of Minturn, I say well done. Just more evidence the town of Minturn is one of the greatest Colorado towns in the state.

Buddy Pass idea

Regarding the Buddy Pass and all the discussion that’s in the papers about that recently. I had some input that probably won’t be used by Vail Resorts, but would be something that I think the community would be in favor of, and that is to manage the Buddy Pass program a little better and differently. By that I mean have it so that the 100,000 Buddy Pass holders have two Fridays, two Saturdays and two Sundays out of their 10 days, and the rest would be weekdays, and this I feel would spread out the use a little more. I don’t think there would much change, if any, as to the amount of people who would want that pass, because most of those people, of course, only average two or three days per person at the most and most of those people can be flexible enough to spread out their use days. Hopefully, Vail Resorts will look at this with some sort of positive attitude and hopefully we’ll see a change in the future that will work out for both Vail Resorts and the community.

Wal-Mart for gas!

I for one think the new Super Wal-Mart is terrific, and I think they could win everybody over if they could put in Wal-Mart-priced gas pumps. Bunches of ’em.

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