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Just pay up, slow down

This is about all the people that were whining about getting speeding tickets in East Vail. They chose not to slow down, they got caught, shut up, pay up, quit whining. My name is Dan.

Kurz isn’t arrogant one

Let’s see. Kaye Ferry and her commentary called our Mayor Ludwig Kurz arrogant, irresponsible, self-serving, implied he would favor Vail Resorts in his decisions, and suggested that if he is re-elected that he is staying beyond what we want him to. Hello, Kaye, if we re-elect him it is because we want him around. I smell a rat in your article. It sounds to me like you’re more concerned with your own personal issues, trying to get your friends re-elected. Why don’t you come clean instead of trying to imply that everybody else has got an ax to grind when everybody in the town of Vail realizes that you look out for Kaye Ferry, and Kaye Ferry only. To suggest that somebody else is arrogant, from you, that is the height of arrogance.

Out-competing natives

I agree with all the call-ins about illegal immigrants lately and how it’s not true that they do jobs that other people here won’t. I don’t believe that. I don’t think anyone else will believe that. A lot of people do jobs that they will do, but now have to do them for even less money because of being undercut by cheap labor. It’s not about jobs that people won’t work, it’s about employers getting the cheapest labor they can, and what happens is when all these illegal immigrants gain skills for positions that friends of mine, for example construction workers that do tiling and heavy equipment operating, that now cannot get jobs because of skilled immigrant labors that are working for half the price that they can even afford to work for. I think we need to seal up our borders and deport all illegals and their children that they had here that we paid for. They had children here on our dime that are now citizens, and they have automatic green cards enabling them all to stay here for free and it’s not right. We need to send them all home. In the end they’re going to bring all their poverty to us, because the middle-middle class is being eliminated by the lower-middle class, and we’re all going to be in poverty because of their poverty coming here.

You have opportunities

I can’t believe all these people complaining about all the illegals. People need to accept the reality and fact that illegal people do all the jobs that no one else would do. They also need to realize that illegals aren’t going anywhere, because this was part of their country to begin with. Also to comment on Pat’s Tipsline on Aug. 20, it’s only your fault, not the illegal aliens, that you’re cleaning toilets for a living and that you have no education. There are a lot of ways that your schooling could have been paid for, like perhaps working two jobs, or doing less skiing, the same way that I do. And please, everyone, before you call and complain about illegals taking over all of the jobs in the valley, pick up your local Vail Daily, yes, the same one you’re reading right now, and look at all the employment opportunities available for you.

Liberal influences

A recent Vail Daily had a front page photo of a woman-only hiking group. In the past, there have been pictures and stories about gender-limited activities like snow-shoeing classes. The tone of the stories has always been favorable, same for stories and other newspapers about such things. Isn’t this sex discrimination? Why don’t the liberals protest these programs the way they protested the Augusta golf course that held events for men only? Is this just one more example of a double standard?

Share the road

Don’t most of us live here for outdoor recreation? Why is there so much opposition to road bikes? And, what about the signs that say “share the road”? Roundabouts are also difficult enough to maneuver, but with people yelling obscenities at bikers, the roundabouts become an even bigger obstacle. Please folks, share the road.

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