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What’s she thinking?I was reading the Denver Post the other day, obviously right after I read the Vail Daily, and there was a story about ski pass price wars, and lo and behold, there’s your columnist Kaye Ferry, talking about how terrible these are and the severe impact that it’s going to have on our economy. I don’t know what Kaye’s thinking, but those passes are never going to go away. They’re too much of an income source for VRI. And even if they did, do you think that the destination visitors would magically reappear into our town? I don’t think so. She’s going to chase the Front Range away, and those are people that some businesses miraculously have adjusted to, and are actually making money off of. What is she thinking?Yep, on the nailAdam, on your commentary on Aug. 22 in the Vail Daily, you could be no righter. You are correct. I never thought I’d be saying that, but you are correct. As a longtime local from the number one ski resort town in the world, Edwards, you’re right. This is B.J.Some questionsI have some questions about some items that have been published recently in the Vail Daily. 1. What and where are the abandoned mines that Mr. Udall is going to clean up in the Vail Valley? 2. Who are the people in the Vail and Eagle Fire Protection Districts who said they have no respect for the Eagle River Fire Protection District? 3. Who is the ill-advised moron who said that the Eagle River Fire Protection District is not respected by its neighbors? Why don’t you sign your names and provide some facts? This if Frank Doll in Avon.Answer the question!I would just like to say that Adam Aron has once again made comments in the Vail Daily but has offered no suggestions or solutions to the 15% slide in destination visitors. That is the issue, not the Front Range. That is what is at issue. Vail, please, make efforts to bring destination skiers back to Vail. We would like some outline of the plan of how you intend to do that, Mr. Aron.Not helpingWhy is Kaye Ferry speaking to the Denver press, or any press for that matter. She’s not the president of the chamber. She does not represent the Vail business community. In fact she no longer has a business in Vail. She quit. When things don’t go her way, she takes her toys and goes home. Well Kaye, it’s time for you to go home and leave the Vail business community alone. You’re not helping us.They are importantThis call is in reference to recent articles in the Daily and complaints regarding the Buddy Pass pricing. Firstly, Adam Aron, thank you for your great article. It is about time that other members of the community, and that includes all of Eagle County, … speak out against Kaye Ferry and her group who are determined to drive away our guests. Yes, Kaye, our guests are downvalley locals and Front Rangers who are guests are extremely important to ouryear-round community. Thanks again, Adam, I hope your message was heard loud and clear.Kaye’s coalitionPerhaps the new political coalition in Vail should be called “Kaye’s boys.” After all, Bill Jewett, a declared candidate, is her boyfriend, and the coalition efforts are (conducted) in her home.Shooting yourself …Let’s look at the Vail Merchant Pass. Let’s be conservative, and you only ski 20 days at Vail and Beaver Creek. The cost is $30.95 and being a local you do not have to commute 45 hours, and most probably catch the free bus or have your hidden free parking space. At least 90% of Merchant Passes are funded 100% or 50% by your employer. If you are the 10% I would suggest you find another job. Therefore your cost for 20 days is either $15.47 or free. Now you have at least 135 days you can ski at Vail and Beaver Creek or as long as the mountain is open. It makes no difference whether you do one run or ski the whole day. It does not limit your skiing days. Now you do the math and if you ski more than 20 days, and you see you are getting a better deal. Remember, on both passes you have unlimited days at Keystone, Breckenridge and A-Basin, so please stop complaining about Front Range pricing. You may end up shooting yourself in the foot.Not as she saysI just wanted to call in and tell you how I love to read Kaye Ferry’s homespun yarns of yesteryear from that midwest Catholic community. Those zany nuns. I can’t wait for her next parable, which might be entitled, “Do as I say, not as I do.” Remember “play in Vail”? Last weekend the Vail Food & Wine Festival held its VIP dinner in Beaver Creek. Now for the record, that was funded by the commission for special events, chaired by Bill Jewett, and their number one tenet is an event must take place in the town of Vail. Well getting back to the dinner, lo and behold, there was your columnist, Kaye Ferry, and Mr. Jewett saddling up to the feedline. I guess she had no problem justifying that in her mind, so I can’t wait for that next one.Stone is rightCommissioner Tom Stone is absolutely right about preserving the I-70 corridor for open space first before anything else. When I voted for the open space tax, I just assumed they’d go after the gravel pit; they’d go after Wolcott where the beautiful fields are; and the ranchland on either side of I-70, not some obscure piece of property in Glenwood Canyon that is actually in Garfield County. We need to stop this bad deal for Eagle County. We need to pursue these beautiful spots on the I-70 corridor. When these are built up, we’ll all remember this huge mistake. Spend our money where we can see it.Stone should resignI want to commend Joe Macy for his recent article, “Setting record straight on Bair.” It is difficult to believe that there is this much discrepancy between Tom Stone’s understanding of the Bair Ranch deal, and that of Joe Macy. … Although I voted for Stone, I don’t know him nearly as well as I know Joe. I’ve known Joe since 1970 and have found him to be honest beyond a doubt. … The constituency and citizens expect an honest job from our elected officials. There is a huge number of us (groundswell, if you will) who are wishing we could vote again. Tom has had a rather tumultuous tenure as commissioner, but his recent behavior has gone way too far. He has lost credibility and is obviously dancing to his own drum. He has lost support among his constituency and should be censored for misrepresenting such a (landmark) decision as Bair Ranch. … So where do we go from here? An honorable decision would be for him to resign, a huge apology to the public might help. In the meantime, is anyone interested in a recall initiative?He should know betterMr. Joe Macy of Eagle Valley Land Trust should know that a commercial recreational business is no more compatible with a working ranch than its open public access. This is why the Colorado Cattlemen’s Agriculture Land Trust makes a condition on their easements prohibiting commercial recreation. All our $2 million is doing is subsidizing the Bair Dude Ranch.A little bit of sharingI am calling in regards to an article in Tipsline entitled “They get all the deals.” I read this and I’m so pleased that other people think the way I do. Vail Resorts really needs to do something for their employees, not against their employees, and take care of them a little bit better, because we do like living in this valley, but nobody likes being taken advantage of. Life is not about working your fingers to the bone for somebody else. Sometimes life is just about a little bit of sharing and being kind to the people around you.

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