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Buncha whiners

This is to the people who wrote in the Tipsline printed Aug. 20: “Taking cheap route,” “Tell the senator,” and “Could be your job.” Stop whining. We Mexican Hispanics and people of color have jobs because we are smart, kind, sensitive, witty, fun and hard-working people. If we take a job you wanted, perhaps it’s because we are all of the above, not like people crying and whining about who took my job. If you don’t have an education, look for programs that help people of all colors, even whites. If you have a 12th grade education, sign up for the U.S. Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force, and serve our country. Many people of color serve, and are killed, trying to keep you and I in a “free” country. Maybe if you look at your own faults, you can correct them and get a job. We Mexicans and Hispanics are legal, and pay taxes and support each and every town in this state. We are proud people, full of traditions, culture, religion, and most of all a strong backbone. I’m proud of myself and family members who contribute to the great U.S.A. Sincerely, Theresa.

Can’t we get along?

This is in regards to the apparent controversy between cyclists and motor vehicles. There seems to be a bit of concern in the paper and I would just like to comment that I don’t understand where anyone needs to get to in such a hurry that they can’t slow down their vehicle for a brief second to get around a cyclist. It seems absolutely absurd to me. Secondly, there are several bike paths, and I am a cyclist and I use them when available. But obviously the people calling in these comments from their motor vehicles haven’t been exercising, or trying to use the bike paths. If they had, they would notice that from Edwards to Vail there are about four different construction sites where it’s impossible to get on a bike path. Let’s try a little harder to get along. There’s enough controversy in other places in the world. Why can’t we be a little bit more congenial here?

Need competition

Please title this “gas prices.” Enter the spoiler! Gas prices at 30 cents higher-plus a gallon premium are out there because the sellers can get it. Wal-Mart has the opportunity and ability to level the playing field. Bring on the competitive difference.

How will you cope?

I don’t know how we can physically handle the Kobe Bryant case, the trial coming up. I’ve been down to Eagle at the justice center, once to testify and once to be a juror in the past couple of months, and I’ve had to park half a mile away. There’s not adequate parking, and I don’t know you’re going to handle the news media plus all the curiosity seekers.

Oh, that’s it!

I can’t keep silent any longer. I have for months been looking at this newspaper with all the punctuation errors and the apostrophe errors, errors in English and now I see “Niagara Fall, New York,” spelled wrong. It is Niagara Falls. Twice, in Polly’s article.

This just absolutely blows me away, not to mention that your classified ad people cannot get an ad right when it is hand-carried into your office, written out on paper, printed in big letters so they can’t possibly misread it, and they still can’t get it right. Would you please tell me why this is happening? Who are you hiring? I’ll bet these are college graduates and I bet they don’t have a clue. So long and thanks for listening.

She’s got it wrong

I am responding to Marty Lich’s August 25 “In God We Trust” letter to the editor. Marty says “Lest we forget, our great nation was based on God.”

Wrong. It was based on separation of church and state and freedoms not afforded them by their uptight, puritanical monarchies. The early American settlers emigrated from their European homelands to escape political oppression, and to find the freedom to practice their own beliefs. If they wanted to be one nation under one god, they wouldn’t have come to America to begin with. Pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America is meant to be an expression of patriotism. It isn’t supposed to be some shout out of your religious beliefs.

Meant to say

RE: Tipsline, one writer should have actually said, “They also need to realize that Native American Indians (not “illegals”) aren’t going anywhere, because this was part of the Indians country to begin with.” Second observation: “Illegals (not “people”) need to accept that illegal means just that, Illegal, Unlawful, Against the law. Illegal U.S. entry is a federal crime; Federal Code 8 U.S.C.1325 punishable under U.S. Code Title 18.

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