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What’s holdup?

Hey Vail Daily. Maybe you could do a story on what the heck’s taking so long to finish the Highway 6 interchange. I thought it was supposed to be done by now. Check it out.

Key word: Illegal

This response is for Theresa. Although I didn’t read “Taking the cheap route,” I agree 100 percent with what you said. Mexican Hispanic Americans are wonderful American families, with a wonderful cultural background, and everyone is part of our wonderful USA culture, all of us! We are a true melting-pot in America! The only other observation I have, and again, I never read the three Tipslines you mentioned, is perhaps the writers were talking about illegal aliens working here, key word, “illegal,” and that has nothing to do with any specific race, nor does it have anything to do with legal immigrants. People need to realize that. Illegal migration has to do with a specific problem the U.S. is allowing to continue. The problem has nothing to do with Hispanics because of being Hispanic. It has everything to do with lax borders. If we lived in Florida, I suppose the largest concentration of illegal aliens would be Cuban. I can’t say for sure. I don’t live there. At any rate, I can say that for me it has nothing to do with color, and it has everything to do with our government allowing people to die trying to enter America. Only our government can do something, and they aren’t. Sincerely, Marty Lich.


The Kathy Denson case illustrates an unfortunate habit a lot of women have. They go for bad boys, not nice guys. It doesn’t usually have the dramatic result that happened to Gerald Cody Boyd, but how many times have women wound up with a lot of grief because of this weakness? A more common example is taking up with a man who is clearly no good and trying to set up a long term relationship, having children by him, and then winding up as an impoverished single parent, often after a lot of physical and emotional abuse. It’s a form of the moth and candle story. It’s hard to feel very sorry for a woman who has such a self-inflicted wound.

Locals rule

This is in regard to Mr. Adam Aron’s commentary. This is Gonzalo from the Minturn militia. Mr. Aron, I’ve lived in this valley, struggled in this economy, and skied on this mountain since long before you came here with your Wall Street savvy, inflated real estate, and your mysterious fires. Don’t you threaten me, Mr. Aron. If you think you run this valley, you’re sadly mistaken. The locals run this valley. Because just as easily as you can organize your little smile school, we can boycott smiling altogether. If you want to see your stock prices go down like a submarine, go ahead, raise local pass prices and see what happens. You may have the Forest Service and their travesty of public land stewardship bought and sold, and you might have the INS in your back pocket, but you can’t buy the local skiers, and damn well better not threaten us. You want to talk subsidies? Your little farce of an overvalued real estate bubble is subsidized by every citizen of the U.S. and their public lands, and especially by the citizens of this county and state. Don’t make us take it back. If you’re so concerned with the welfare of your company, why don’t you donate your fancy house back to Vail Resorts and move into a trailer in Edwards. We’ll see you on the ECO bus, pal, and don’t forget your buck.

Tight corner

Just a heads up for all the local bicyclists coming through Eagle-Vail, that you would think that they would know by now to avoid the construction zone like the plague over here, it’s very dangerous, and the bicyclists seem to be getting very upset when there’s no room for cars or bicyclists.

Doesn’t speak for us

Kaye Ferry does not speak for Vail. Kaye Ferry should move. Kaye Ferry should probably be sent to Baghdad.

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