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Wrong limit

I’m just calling regarding the town of Vail radar speed indicator that they have parked at Buffer Creek again this summer. I’ve seen it there a number of times, and riding my bike in to work this morning, and happened to be coming down Buffer Creek Road when I noticed a town of Vail cop was already through the Buffer Creek/Lionsridge Loop stop sign area there as I was coming down the road on my bike, and he had already gone through the speed indicator at 24 mph with it flashing red. Something that just doesn’t make sense is why the town of Vail, much less the cops, have that posted at 15 mph. No one that I know drives at 15 mph, much less I think it’s an unrealistic speed, as indicated by the policeman going through at a normal downhill speed, and 24 mph seems pretty normal I would say. Anyway, it’s making all the folks that live up in that end of the community law breakers, much less anybody that drives on that road is a lawbreaker because we’ve never seen anybody drive at 15 mph.


They say Kobe Bryant’s lawyers may ask for a change of venue because Eagle County has mostly white people. Isn’t it racist to say that because of their skin color, white people have a moral defect not shared by others? Can a white person get a fair trial in Los Angeles or New York because of the large number of blacks and other minorities in the jury pool? Maybe the real story is that Kobe Bryant and his lawyers are afraid that they would get a fair and impartial jury in Eagle County. A jury that would not be swayed by his race or celebrity status. Maybe they want venue changed to a place like Denver, where they think there is a better chance of getting a jury that would tilt in Kobe’s favor because of his race or celebrity status. An O.J. Simpson jury, in other words.


Consider the marketing genius of Aron. He asks us to help bully Kay Ferry out of telling Front Rangers the tickets here are too cheap. He’s saying if the Front Ranger gets wind that our chamber thinks the Buddy Pass is under priced, no one will buy it. Well, how much do VRI shareholders pay for such wisdom? How much indeed does Aron cost them at share price? The perceived value of the Buddy Pass isn’t the problem. The perceived value for the dollars spent among our destination skiers is the pivotal consideration on which our community livelihood rests. That is where Adam Aron’s greatest impact is visible. So let’s be fair about this thing. I’ll defend Aron. It’s not that he’s dumb … he just wants to suppress public discussion of the business policy which he thinks benefits him, but which many of us, including Aron, know is devastating to the rest of our business community. Go after Kay Ferry? No. Go after Adam Aron.

New leadership needed

It is time for new leadership at Vail Resorts. Adam Aron is a total failure. While he lays off employees, it will be announced in the next few weeks that he was getting bonuses of $9 million. This is a person who started work with the Vail Resorts stock at 22. It’s now 12. An incredible record. Let’s send him back to United Airlines where he belongs. Period.

Move on, Kaye

If Kay Ferry is not against Vail and she’s not against the Front Rangers and she’s not for Vail Resorts, then why is she living in the town of Vail? I think Kay Ferry should be sent off to maybe a different ski resort, maybe like Ski Cooper or some little tiny mountain in the Poconos, or maybe she should just be banished from the town of Vail. … As a local, a merchant and a customer of Vail, I think that Kay Ferry is actually hurting our economy and no news would be good news if she was gone. Kay Ferry, I think that I speak for myself and I’m sure I could get a petition of maybe a couple hundred people that would ask you to quit writing in the Vail Daily and possibly pick up your stuff and just move. Move to wherever you came from. Move to Denver. Move to Telluride. Move to Leadville. Leadville might need you. Just a thought.

Cross knocked over

This is Russell D. I was just driving through Dowd Junction and the most recent accident that had occurred there that had taken someone’s life they had posted a nice little stone memorial in the shape of a cross and I just realized it’s probably not more than 3 months old and it’s already been knocked over, or broken. I was just wondering what happened to the cross in Minturn. I’m sure the family might be upset to know that it’s not there. In any case, I just thought I’d pass that on.

Rat race is here

We’ve got an interstate running through our front door, little pink houses for you and me, i.e. Miller Ranch. Ain’t that America? The Eagle River valley used to be an escape from the reality for most of America. If not for the ski mountain and mountains it would be just another urban/suburban neighborhood today.

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