Tipsline: Bad headlines |

Tipsline: Bad headlines

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Headline stinks

This is Shawn Jones from Avon. I have a serious beef with Monday’s headline which says some people want pricier affordable homes built. It seems to be the most ridiculous headline I’ve ever seen in six years of living in this valley.

Kind of an oxymoron when most of us working local stiffs are just hoping to find a two-bedroom condo for less than $400,000, and apparently there’s people out there who want pricier affordable homes built. Well it seems like you should just buy expensive housing.

There’s really no lack of $800,000-$1.5 million dollar single-family homes and $800,000 three-bedroom condos …

So next time you guys decide to put a headline in the paper like that, maybe think about the locals who aren’t looking for pricier affordable homes, just affordable homes.

Bond issue money

Ken Sortland. Just wanted to comment that Chris Freud’s article in the July 13 edition of the Vail Daily was right on, and the school board really has to look at the variety of facilities that the school should have, and not doing it as an afterthought.

When we approved the bond issue, I understood that was going to be just for the high school, and the other elementary school that needs to be built. I hope they’re putting their money strictly into what was planned.

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