Tipsline: Bear rules disregarded |

Tipsline: Bear rules disregarded

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Monkey boy president

So your little monkey boy of a president is pardoning Scooter for his crimes against America. That sounds like a true patriotic act to me. Now it’s time to impeach the president and convict the president and all his cronies and his merry band of thieves in Washington who have stolen our democracy. And just for your right-wing little newspaper that requires me to leave my name and access point, my name is Rich Schnelle.

Councilman got a break

I was under the understanding that the town still has a zero-tolerance policy concerning trash-can bear violations, and it’s interesting that one of our illustrious town council people, who I thought were held to a higher standard, decided to ignore the law and decided that they would take the fine rather than obey the ordinance.

I was under the understanding that this law, like I said, was a zero tolerance, and last fall I personally was summoned to court, spending several hours doing so, fined $500, some of which was suspended contingent upon a six-month trash probation. First offense, no warning. However, our town councilman gets warning after warning. Something is out of balance here … This is Randy Guerriero.

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