Tipsline: Blame the GOP, for everything |

Tipsline: Blame the GOP, for everything


Sign of respect

Pete Seibert passed away yesterday, and is it just me or is it a little disrespectful to not have at least the Vail flag at half mast? Just curious.

Editor’s note: Actually, Vail is flying its flags at half-staff and will continue to do so until after the memorial for Seibert Monday.

Could have used cart at concert

I’m not a bitcher, but I’m sitting in the parking lot after the Tuesday night Hot Summer Night’s concert, and I’m in a cast, I’m on crutches, and I had to walk down both to and from the concert because I’m assuming that the Town of Vail has cut back on their carts that they’re moving people with or they’re just using them for able-bodied. I have never been not an able-bodied person and It’s very frustrating. I can’t even move to get myself home. I’m really disappointed.

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Missing Pete

My name is Rossi Moreau, you can use my name.

I’ve been in town for 30 years, and this is in connection with Pete Seibert. I was fortunate enough to meet this man when I was a child in New England through my father. I’ve been in Vail for going on 30 years and I’m 100 percent disabled Vietnam vet and Pete Seibert helped me overcome so many many things in my life. In 1976 when we had the snow drought – I’m bald, Pete was bald – and they were looking for a warrior skier in the crowd and I got called in 1976, Pete and I joked about our bald heads and stuff. Their Indian chief gave me a medicine bag to go bury in a secret place that I knew on the mountain and I will never ever forget that. It’s one of the most important things I’ve ever done in my life.

Peter Seibert has been such a good influence. I suffer from post traumatic stress disorder, which manifests itself in anxiety and depression. I do a lot of drugs to stay where I am and it works.

The loss of Pete hurts very, very, very much and I just want the people who haven’t been here for very long to know that. This was a very, very important man and he overcame so many things and he helped other people overcome those things too, including myself, and in my heart and my soul there has always been a soft spot for him.

That’s all I’ve got to say, I miss him very, very much already.

Peacocks on bikes

Yesterday I watched an idiot park his Harley on the sidewalk at City Market, take out his earplugs, do the peacock strut, and after assuring himself that he successfully blocked the shopping carts trying to get around, he went inside. So my question is the following: What is all the insecurity about? The Harley owners use noise, chrome and no helmets to draw attention to themselves. Now that they have succeeded, they use words such as freedom, retribution, weak and timid to explain this Yuppie phenomena practice by aging baby boomers in our valley. We have to endure this in the valley. So next time you people think your motorcycles cause envy in others, think again loser.

Knocking Harleys

This is to the Einstein who wrote in from Gypsum regarding the latest fad to pass through the valley, Harley Davidsons. They wrote and asked people to please educate themselves before they make comments about these bikes, so here’s a couple of observations.

First of all, the idea that this is an American product, yeah, that’s interesting, since 60 percent of the parts are fabricated in Yugoslavia for the things. And she also wrote about being economical and fuel-efficient; well enough said on that. And the awesome technology, ever heard of Sonny Barger? Ever read his book? He said he wished the Hell’s Angels had gone to a Japanese bike because they “last longer, go faster and are better” and that as far as only being free to experience Mother Nature with a Harley Davidson, yeah right, give me a break. Come on, lady. You can do better than that.

I’m the knucklehead

Yep. I was the knucklehead who called in last week about the bears. I had the facts all wrong and blamed the Vail town attorney and I really apologize. I’m aggravated at myself because I did not get the facts straight or the story.

But please, respect Mother Nature. The bears were here first. Keep your garbage inside, and if you can’t, get a steel can. It’s easy. But leave the bears alone, and I apologize. Sorry. Sincerely, A.J.A.

Oh, brother

I was shocked when I read councilman Slifer’s criticism of the Meadow Drive art components. Too contemporary is one of the most ignorant criticisms of art I’ve ever heard. But not wanting to dismiss this man’s intellect, I looked for a subtext, and lo and behold, I found one. What I believe councilman Slifer’s statement is actually saying is I’m a man living in the past, and therefore I’m not fit to serve on the council of a town attempting to exist in the here and now.

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