Tipsline: Cop saved the night |

Tipsline: Cop saved the night

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Whiners among us

This is Nathan Smith. I’m calling to give a response to a letter to the editor that was in Monday’s Vail Daily. The letter was titled, “Wealthy earned it,” and I would like to respond to the statement she made, “To call all wealthy residents of the Vail Valley whiners is quite possibly the most outlandish stereotype I’ve heard today.” I would like to say in response to that, quit whining.

What’s unfair

Dennis Johnson. It’s Friday night, the 17th. I just got off the interstate eastbound in Edwards. There was a state trooper in front of me in a marked car with headlights. The light turned green, we turned to go underneath the interstate to the left. A Hispanic female in a late model Ford SUV pulled out in front of the trooper, the trooper had to jam on his brakes and swerve to miss this vehicle, and he did not pull it over for running the red light. I honked my horn and waved, he ignored me and drove on. I called *277 to report it. The lady took all the information and that was the end of it.

This is crap. I’m getting real sick of it. That’s where you live today.

Thank a cop

Kate Matthews. To the driver driving recklessly all over I-70 tonight, Aug. 21, you owe the local policeman a huge thank you. He prevented you from killing yourself and/or other people tonight. You owe him a big thank you. Get your act together.

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