Tipsline: Cops aren’t being fair |

Tipsline: Cops aren’t being fair

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Turn on your lights

Mike Jones. I just wanted to say that I don’t think it’s fair that the Colorado State Patrol has been sitting on I-70 without any flashers or nothing at night just so they can pull people over because people don’t see them until the last second. I think it would be safer if they had their flashers or parking lights on when they park on the side of the road. That would slow more people down than sitting in the dark trying to bust people and trying to catch them off guard.

Also, Eagle the other night had Eagle police sitting in the middle median outside of Eagle with no parking lights on, nothing, trying to nail somebody.

And in Glenwood Canyon there was the State Patrol. He pulled people over for like 63 in a 50. That’s like 13 in a 10, that’s ridiculous. Who can drive to Glenwood at 50 mph? Everybody goes at least 60. That’s ridiculous.

Funding request

Ernie Nelson. Now that we’ve spent $2.1 million to save the Bud Gates ranch, and we spent how many millions of dollars to save that ranch in Glenwood Canyon, I’d like someone to spend $100 million to save Sandstone 70, because Sandstone 70 is a beautiful little patch of ground in Vail that hasn’t been over-developed yet, and I want to save this for my children.

So would someone please give me $100 million so I don’t have to pay for anything anymore? It seems that if you don’t want to lose your land, then you’d better use it better than you’re using it now. Thank you very much.

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