Tipsline: Drunks picked on in Eagle Co. |

Tipsline: Drunks picked on in Eagle Co.

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

I read the articles in the Vail Daily about the raids and the families getting broke up. Hey, they’re here illegally. They know it’s going to happen. I wish I could go somewhere and get free health care, go to indigent care clinics and say I’m so and so, it just goes on and on. They are costing us taxpayers tons of money. I wish people would wise up. They need to go. I don’t care. They cost us tons of money, bilingual schools we have to teach, then we have to bring someone in because they can’t speak English to register.

It’s a snowball into an avalanche, and if they want to come here, maybe they need to do four years in the armed services right away. Isn’t that what Israel does? They make everybody under a certain age automatically do so many years in the armed services, and that’d keep the immigrants out of here in a heartbeat.

David Schempf

I’m calling in today about singling out the drunks riding the public transportation buses of the valley, and you get a $2,000 fine for getting kicked off a bus for being drunk, or you can get a big fine for drinking and driving, which the taxicabs can also get you for drinking and call the police and get you arrested. My feelings on being drunk is that it’s prohibition starting up in another form, and it’s only going to get worse from here on out. Anymore, if you want to drink, you have to sit inside and hide.

I also believe that if you’re going to single out just local drunks sitting on a bus, maybe you should come up with an extra plan to keep the illegal immigrants off our buses by proving that each person has a local or state or federal passport or ID or visa card in order to get on the bus in itself, because that is stealing from the American taxpayers every time they get on the bus.

Joey Brooks

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