Tipsline: Eagle Co. raids ripped familes apart |

Tipsline: Eagle Co. raids ripped familes apart

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

I’m a longtime local here in the Vail Valley, I’ve been here since I was 10 and I’m now 30, so 20 years. I’m very interested in hearing more about the raids and round-ups of the illegal immigrants and I would very much be happy to see an article in the paper on this. It makes me very unhappy because I work with a lot of the Hispanic population and many of them are happy, honest, wonderful people, and I’m very disappointed that we are going about this in such a horrible way, in my opinion, ripping families apart and what have you. I also work with the Snowboard Outreach Society and I work very closely with many families that might possibly have parents that are illegal but the children aren’t. So it’s just a very sad situation and I also know that the Hispanic population are amazingly hard workers in the Vail Valley, and we wouldn’t survive here without them. That’s my opinion.

Jodi Link

I was just wondering if there was going to be any news coverage on all the immigration raids that have been happening in Edwards and Avon for the past week. I would love to see a story or some editorials about it in the paper. Thanks so much.

Sara Guiffre

I’m an Edwards resident, and I was calling because I haven’t seen any coverage in the Vail Daily about the recent immigration raids that happened in Avon and Edwards this past Wednesday, the 23rd of April. I feel that it’s a major oversight on your part, and maybe you haven’t even heard of it, because I’ve just been hearing about it the past few days, but it’s a major oversight to not cover such a major part of our population and workforce. I’ve been rounded up by immigration in the early morning on Wednesday in places like Lake Creek Village, which is low-income housing, in the trailer parks near Lake Creek and the trailer parks near Avon. We were obviously targeted, and I think it’s a major issue.

Christen Ibarra

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