Tipsline: Edwards traffic is too much |

Tipsline: Edwards traffic is too much

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Courteous driver

Louise Randall. Great kudos to the Town of Vail snowplow driver who, rather than plowing me in, stood and waited for me to clear my drive entry and then actually helped me remove the snow.

We need more drivers like this, and I’m looking forward to a great winter if he’s serving our street every day.

Free skating a blast

I just wanted to say thank you to the kids at the ice rink up at Beaver Creek. They’ve been doing free ice skating all week and we were up there with my grandchildren, and they had the best time, and it’s so nice for the village to offer something for free to the families. So I just wanted to say thank you to them and good job. My grandchildren had a blast. Olive Graham.

Miller Ranch traffic

Brenda Lee. The reason for my call is traffic in Edwards, specifically Miller Ranch Road, and I’m just wondering how a two-lane, small, access road is going to carry traffic for a community college, a high school, a middle school, a grade school, an alternative school, a charter school, a daycare, playing fields, a water park, a skate park, all the residents of Miller Ranch, not to mention the people who are cutting through to go from Highway 6 to and from the freeway, and to and from Singletree, a gas station, oil change, Colorado Mountain Express, and Wendy’s?

I don’t see how all the buses and cars are going to be accommodated on that road, and I’m wondering if a road that would circumvent that whole complex and run along the railroad track so there would be one large circle might not be a better idea. Thank you.

Open space deal

(Refer to “What’s next for Eagle Co.’s big open space buy?” in the Nov. 25 Vail Daily)

Rich Mahoney. I have a condo in Eagle Ranch with views of Castle Peak to the north, and my neighbor’s garage to the south. I would like $1.5 million, and anyone, including the folks making easement decisions, can come over and check out the views. Thank you.

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