Tipsline: Find Michelle Vanek |

Tipsline: Find Michelle Vanek

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

My Hits and Misses

My name is Turrie Borgen. Hits and Misses: The delivery of the Vail Daily late in the newspaper boxes is atrocious. It’s a day late or never there.

The other thing is a hit. (Last) Wednesday night, Los Lonely Boys at the Vilar Center was spectacular. The only thing we regret is the spectacular part lasted for two hours. I could listen to them for 10 hours, in fact I do on CD. Very, very, very good.

Where is Vanek?

This is Randy Guerriero. Not sure if this is a tip or a question, but I think this is three years now since the gal Michelle Vanek was lost up on Holy Cross, and a huge search was made to find her, and at the end of the search the topic has been dropped and the unnamed friend who was with her has never come forward or been named.

Just wondering what’s happening with that and if anyone knows anymore or if there’s ever going to be another search to find her. As far as I know, she’s the only person in the area that has never been found, back from the 1800s.

Maybe the tip is, let’s see if we can find her.

Editor’s note: It’s been about two years since Michelle Vanek went missing in the Holy Cross Wilderness.

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