Tipsline: How about parking for locals in Vail? |

Tipsline: How about parking for locals in Vail?

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Accidents happen

I’m just calling to say that the 60-year-old man who says he was injured in a collision with an 8-year-old boy needs to toughen up and realize that accidents happen.

George Harland

Local’s parking in Vail

I reside in Eagle-Vail. The subject is: value parking, Lionshead.

I have noticed that due to the construction at Arrabelle, that most of the local’s parking spots are consumed by the workers at the Arrabelle project. It would be nice if it could be arranged that they could park in the regular parking lot so we with our value cards could use those slots for our shopping and skiing pleasure.

If that’s possible, that would be a good thing so that we can consume our value cards properly.

Mel Holzman

Vail’s helpfulness

I just wanted to mention, Vail has a hard time giving people library cards. Who thinks that they’re going to help out with employee housing? Bye.

Freeda Maye

You took my stuff

This is a tip for the people who stole all of my stuff out of my truck in Beaver Creek last night. Karma is going to get you, and so am I, and so will my friends.

It’s Christmas weekend, I’m a local, and you took all of my snowboarding equipment. I had nothing to do on Christmas but snowboard, because I have no family out here, and you took all that away from me.

You know my name, because it’s on my ski pass, which is in my jacket, as well as my phone, my boots, my goggles and everything else you took.

I’m pretty sure we know who you are, so just look out on the hill.

Brian McKinnon

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