Tipsline: Mad at Avon |

Tipsline: Mad at Avon


The other one is I’d like to know when the town of Avon decided to put in the new Avon expansion. Where are they going to get the money to pay for the extra services and all that good stuff that that’s going to require. Are they going to start taxing sewage and water next or start taxing the air? They’d better get their act together.

Editor’s note: The Avon Town Council considered and decided not to charge a dollar a ride on Avon buses. The council plans to reconsider after the November elections, in which a 4 percent tax on building materials will be on the ballot. That tax would be used to help run the buses as a free service to passengers. As for the Village at Avon, that has been in the works for years and covered in the local papers for years.

Funny definition

I am concerned with the advertising of local events here in Vail. As a concierge and 20-something here in the valley, I use your paper quite often to find out what is going on. Well, for almost two weeks I have been reading about the Vail Summer Sports Fest. Early last week the articles claimed there would be a FREE concert for people after the sports action. The next day the article gave us the name of the band. I was stoked, being from Pennsylvania myself, I had heard of the band and was thrilled. Now here it is a week before the concert and I read that there is a COURTESY $10 admission to see the band. Why the sudden change?

When I go to see a concert in a large venue with a current top band I can pay as little as $20. Here I am in Vail and you want me to pay $10 to see an outdated band, on recreation fields not even at Ford Amphitheater, a real venue? What is going on here Vail? I soon have to pay $1 to ride a free bus, $10 to see a free concert. Are the real estate values dropping that much, large corporations are falling so Vail can’t get money from out-of-towners so stick it to the locals? I am appalled. You are losing us here. Soon the appeal to live and work in Vail will not be there. You will see it hard to find good workers to keep the standards up Vail. With high prices for everything in Vail, free town events need to supplement the insanity.

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Editor’s note: Vail’s buses are free. You are thinking of the Avon bus situation. See above.

Clean up graffiti

We need to clean up the graffiti on the Lionshead bus terminal over at the pedestrian walk and when you go on the bike path right past the bridge in Vail, there’s graffiti. It looks terrible. Vail is supposed to be a really classy place. Well, if it’s a classy place, let’s get out and clean it up. Thanks. Have a great day.

Enough already

This is in response to the Tipsline item “It’s the GOP.” I’m just so tired of hearing people bash Gov. Owens when he was looking for federal aid to help end the fire problem. If he had said this is just a mere brush fire, do you really think he would have gotten federal aid? If he had gone around saying, “Oh, Colorado’s fine, just a little problem. We can take care of it ourselves,” do you think he would have gotten any attention? And I wonder how those poor, mere 1 percent feel whose homes and property has been devastated? Of course that doesn’t matter, it’s only tourism that counts. And the rest of that paragraph I’ll leave to the rest of the morons, and I just hope that they as actively vote as they are outspoken.

No consideration

I also have comments about carts at the Ford Amphitheatre concert. I recently had foot surgery, and clearly I cannot walk easily at this point, although it’s getting better. I left the concert and was talking to a lady on crutches who had broken her leg. Along came the cart, a bunch of very well-abled people in their fancy finery jumped into the cart, smiled at us and didn’t even offer to slide over and make room.

I hobbled over saying, “Well hey, what about us,” and they just smiled at us and didn’t bother to make room. So I really don’t think it’s the availability of the carts. I think it’s the consideration of people that if they are truly able-bodied, why can’t they help us who clearly have bandages and special shoes and braces on by giving us at least a little space next to them after they jump onto the cart.

Advice for TOV

Dear TOV: Have you seen the Gore Creek flow lately? It’s at a record low. You were right to prohibit watering of sod, but what’s good for the goose evidently is not good for TOV. I suggest you wipe the egg off your face and trade with the Vail Rec District. Take some of that abundant water flowing on the golf courses and pump it onto your sod. And curtail the watering of the grassy places in town and tell us about your wise use of water so that we, humble citizens that we are, can follow your drip.

Moratorium time?

I was just wondering with the current drought situation how the county commissioners or the powers that be have not had a moratorium on any more building projects. If this drought situation goes in cycles how can anyone guarantee water for all these new homes that are being built? I think the end is near. It would be nice if they would have a moratorium on new building projects to see how everything pans out. Just a thought, but kind of scary.

Well said

There’s strength in numbers. On July 26, Friday, in the paper there was a letter concerning people’s animals and the fact that dogs have a real blatant disregard for their neighbors and think that the animals have precedence and priority over humans and certainly little people. I also think these dogs should not be invited to public events. Children in strollers and small children and families. My children are very nervous and scared around animals they do not know.

The second letter was really interesting because I’ve lived here for a number of years and I do agree with John C. Sullivan in his letter talking about what gives bus drivers a right to blare rock music. I myself have called about this on numerous occasions and it seems to be that if you’re hired by the town of Vail to be a bus driver, you can blast the music and jerk the bus as much as you’d like. And perhaps someone there in the bus department should check out these employees, perhaps incognito ride the bus and see how it feels for us. Anyway, two excellent letters to the editor on the same day. Bravo to these people for speaking up.

Drought’s roots

I think there’s a lot more we can do with this water shortage. Number one we need to print the truth in why there is a water shortage and what affects water shortages. They’re saying pollution hurts the rainfall. What does the mag chloride do to the rainfall? Nobody knows. But we do know mag chloride is bad for our roads. What does building houses in high desert do and why do you put lawns there where otherwise there’d be sagebrush and rock? And what’s going on with this uncontrollable, irresponsible growth in Eagle County where everything goes. And how about all undocumented people that are in this country. Millions upon millions. Do you think they have anything to do with using our water? Well the world is for everyone, but I guess water isn’t.

Costly stamps

Why is it that the price of stamps keeps going up, and the service at our post offices, specifically Eagle, keeps getting worse? When they see more than five-seven people standing in front of them in line, why can’t they call somebody from the back to come and help out? If they don’t have enough workers, why don’t they hire some more? With what we’re paying for postage now, they certainly should be able to afford it!

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