Tipsline: Make Edwards a town |

Tipsline: Make Edwards a town

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

The amnesty bill

Joey Brooks. I’m calling in today about Congress slipping in a new amnesty bill for illegal aliens who can prove that they were in the United States before 16 and show that they went to high school and graduated.

If they can prove that and continue on to join the military or enroll in college and graduate, they can become U.S. citizens … I just don’t believe they would do more than watch the enemies take them over and then they would be in the hands of the enemies, and they’d probably be better off over there anyways, so who knows.

Make Edwards a town

My name is Harry Sandell. I live in Eagle. I’m calling on the Arn Menconi recall issue.

If these people really want a roundabout built in Edwards, they are talking about towns, Eagle, Avon and Vail, that have all spent town tax dollars to build these roundabouts.

I suggest if they really want to build roundabouts in the town of Edwards, they take their recall money and help make that place a town and incorporate a tax and build a roundabout with town dollars just like the other three towns have done.

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