Tipsline: Need new school boundaries in Eagle |

Tipsline: Need new school boundaries in Eagle

Gail Hayes
Vail CO, Colorado

I just want to know why is our school district going to spend money on trailers at Brush Creek Elementary School? There are two other options that are a lot more affordable that should be exhausted first before bringing in these buildings. One, move out preschool, that’s opening up two classrooms, and/or two, change the boundaries. Eagle Valley Elementary is no where near capacity. Why are kids on 1st and 2nd street and downtown Eagle and the Bull Pasture going to Brush Creek? Maybe the Terrace should move yet again back over to Eagle Valley Elementary.

We clearly have hired a bunch of morons spending money like this and skipping common sense steps, and to hear that these trailers more than likely will not have bathrooms. Eagle County School District, are you looking for a lawsuit when a child has to walk around the building to go inside and winds up missing? What a joke. Why? Why are they spending money on trailers before doing those other options?

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