Tipsline: Obama’s preacher, Vail Valley road rage |

Tipsline: Obama’s preacher, Vail Valley road rage

This is John Adams. My comment is, Matt Zalaznick continues to try and deflect the attention away from Obama’s racist preacher just like everybody on the left always does. The issue here is the inflammatory speeches and the 20-years that Obama has with Jeremiah Wright. That’s the issue. What’s going to happen is it will cost Obama the nomination, Hilary will be nominated, and as well despised as she is, John McCain will become the next President. Get over it, Matty-boy.

This is Paul Carreras. I would like to leave a message about the I-70 thing… I saw something in the paper about how the cops came up with the latest idea of how they’re just going to drive in front of traffic and slow everybody down to 35, and I think that’s just about as good an idea as the toll and the monorail. I don’t know who comes up with these ideas, but anybody who drives I-70 knows that the number one problem that the cops don’t want to deal with is aggressive driving. Period.

Aggressive driving, road rage, and they do nothing about tail-gating. You can be going 70 mph in a 65, there’s a car a half a car length behind you trying to intimidate you to move over, you can go right past a State Patrol, and they do nothing. That’s why all the accidents are happening.

As I’m calling right now, there’s a 40-car pile-up on Vail Pass with a fatality, and they just do nothing about tail-gating, road-raging and cutting people off which is the number one problem. I’ve e-mailed the DOT and the State Patrol, why don’t you just change those electric message board signs, instead of saying the distances to the next ski area, why don’t you just put on there, “report aggressive drivers, star CSP.”

Maybe people will start reporting those aggressive drivers, and maybe the aggressive drivers will just see that hey, I’m not invisible, someone might report me if I keep road-raging, and I just encourage the state patrollers to go after the tail-gaters, road-ragers, it’s so bad nowadays. Maybe one day they finally will, but until then, all these other ideas are just ridiculous.

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