Tipsline: Remembering Celine Krueger |

Tipsline: Remembering Celine Krueger

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Celebrate Celine

Summer Holm. I was so touched by the celebration of Celine Krueger’s life on Saturday. It was just so amazing, the beautiful family and all the wonderful friends that were there, and Celine touched the heart of all of us and she will live on in our hearts forever. Thank you.

Advice for Texan

Joey Brooks. This goes out to the Texas dude …The reason why people don’t like Texans is because they like to brag a lot and show their egos and try to outdo everyone, and usually they take their cars and crash them in the ditch. Secondly, they like to drive reckless when they don’t even know how to drive, and usually they go snow skiing and cut people off … Have a good time living in Vail, and don’t overkill yourself because people are going to view you from being from Texas. Bigger and better means nothing here.


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