Tipsline: Stop building rogue trails |

Tipsline: Stop building rogue trails

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Stopping rogue trails

My name is Kyle Hagvery. I just enjoyed a great dirt bike ride on a great singletrack above Avon and Eagle-Vail except that one person is trying to break a rogue trail into a singletrack. I’ve put barriers to block this person for three weeks now and this person has continued to do that.

I along with several of my motorcross friends love riding up there on the singletrack and would like to see it stay. With people building rogue trails like yourself, that makes the Forest Service close trails. So please stop.

I dare you to put this in

My name is Karl Berger. My message is, does the full-fledged support of Arn Menconi and his cronies at the county have anything to do with the fact that Steve Gall, the publisher of the Daily, is on the board of directors for the Snowboard Outreach Society?

Interesting dilemma.

And you know what Don Rogers? Just for you? I’d love you to put this in the paper, but I highly doubt that you will put this message in the paper. I will be shocked if you put this message in the paper.

You and I need to go a few rounds, Don.

Know what blight means?

(Refer to the Tipsline entitled, “Where Avon’s blight is”.)

To Richard Schnelle. Do you even know the meaning of the word blight? Can you give one example of blight in the, as you say, cancerous growth of Wildridge and Mountain Star? Smells to me as just another example of an, “I was too cool for school… therefore I got a lousy education which resulted in me getting a loser job as an adult, and now I’m resentful of those who buckled down when it counted and get to live in a place with more than two rooms.” This is Tim Davis.

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