Tipsline: Stop the dynasties |

Tipsline: Stop the dynasties

Joey Brooks
Vail, CO Colorado

I am just sick and tired of the way America has it’s voting rights. If you’re not registered by December 5, you’re not allowed to vote in a primary. I originally was Democrat, then I found out last month that my Democratic parties are all for amnesty.

I am against amnesty, I support Mitt Romney, and John McCain will also allow amnesty, and I am not allowed to vote for Mitt Romney in the caucus. I feel that this government has been dictated by another Democrat, Hilary Clinton, running for President. You have the Bushes and the Clintons in vice president positions on up for 28 years. We can keep that going for 36 years.

Do you really want to see a change in America? Get these two families out of office. I believe if they can get their thumbs in Iraq for a vote, one man, one woman, each got one vote and one black thumb. If their thumb was black for the day they could not vote again. I believe it should be done this way here in America as well.

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