Tipsline: Ticket tailgaters! |

Tipsline: Ticket tailgaters!

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

I think we need the policemen to ticket tailgaters during snowstorms and blizzards. Those are the people making the problems and causing the accidents.

Freida May

Referring to the picture and thank you from Vail Resorts on page A11. Yes, it was an epic closing of the end of the season, top of 4 at 4 due to the fact that it was a civil crowd, due to the fact also that they did not allow snowballs. So very, very nice epic venue.

Unfortunately, you could translate this picture into the epic season we will have next year due to the fact that that will be the line at the bottom of 4, the bottom of 5 and the bottom of 11, and probably all chairlifts. So whoever took the picture is quite the visionary.

Lisa Zimmerman

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