Tipsline: Too many hippies in Eagle County |

Tipsline: Too many hippies in Eagle County

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Don’t want hippies

Joey Brooks. If Ludacris doesn’t belong in this town ” and I’ve lived in this town for 18 years listening to Luda for at least as long as he’s been out, for maybe a decade or more ” then you guys are hippies, and I’ve been trying to get the hippie population to leave this valley since I moved here in 1990. There you go.

In honor of Janelle

Dereck Fish, and here’s an idea. As you know, Mike Janelle recently passed. He, along with others, commuted on a bicycle to get to work, etc. In order to get through Dowd Junction, it is a must to take the interstate due to the bike path not being maintained in the winter months. Several years ago, Mike was commuting on the interstate to get to work and was hit and thrown by a plow into a snow bank. Luckily enough, he made it work, one hour late, with only scratches and bruises.

Vail is going green. Being able to commute on a bicycle is part of this movement. With the path being maintained, it will promote commuting in the valley. This path needs to be opened in the name of Mike Janelle.

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