Tipsline: Tour the charter school |

Tipsline: Tour the charter school

Compiled by Vail Daily staff
Vail CO, Colorado

Darn those pavers

My name’s Paul Senkow. Subject is pavers from La Bottega to Pazzo’s Pizza. Pavers are the bricks that they put on the ground that you drive over, and underneath those bricks is sand and coils that heat the ground. They were incorrectly laid. They’ve done this multiple times throughout the town. They didn’t lay them properly in front of Christy Sports, they didn’t lay them properly in front of Sweet Basil, and now for the third or fourth time they did not lay the bricks properly in front of La Bottega and up the street. That’s why they’re replacing them. I’d like to know who should get fired, and how much this is costing the Town of Vail to redo these pavers, and why did they pick the wrong type of stone? I’ve been told that the stone they picked wasn’t flat enough and it cracked the pavers. Don’t they go to Beaver Creek and check out what they did 15 years ago over there when they heated the sidewalks and what nightmares they went through? Do they do any research at all?

Tour the charter school

Karl Berger. I’m calling in regard to Mike Matzko’s commentary in Monday’s paper regarding the Charter School funding. I personally invited Mr. Matzko to the Charter School to view the safety issues that we are raising. His response at that school board meeting, and I quote, was “that’s not going to happen.”

So if Mr. Matzko is going to decline doing any investigations into the safety issues of the Charter School, in my opinion, his opinion means absolutely nothing. Better educate yourself, Mike, before you offer up your opinion.

Once again, you’re invited at any time to tour the Charter School, and I will personally take you through and show you the safety issues at the school.

Editor’s note: Mike Matzko tells us that he visited the Charter Academy last week.

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