Tipsline: Vail missing out |

Tipsline: Vail missing out

Lisa Zimmerman
Vail, CO Colorado

I frequent the Safeway Starbucks here, and it’s Saturday and I’m sitting here, and it’s dead, which is nice, because a lot of locals will frequent it and you see a lot of people here, but I couldn’t get to my bank which is in town. I’m calling from Vail, because I live in Vail, and there’s Saturday gridlock. Point in fact is our town doesn’t want to, because of budget concerns, put any police in there to direct traffic. This is a Vail Resorts problem but the town has allowed the big gorilla to take over and invade everything. The town doesn’t derive any tax revenues other than filling two parking structures. When your two parking structure are filled, then it’s a free-for-all because the town doesn’t derive any other tax incentives from the people coming in from the Front Range. Out of the X amount of people that come because of the snow, they park their car, run up Bridge Street, go up the mountain and spend the whole day on the mountain and fill the pockets of Vail Resorts. They come back down and zoom out of town. They don’t even buy gas in this county because they go over to Copper Mountain or Frisco to buy gas, because we don’t have any gas stations in the middle of town, other than the one in West Vail. My point is I have seen all sorts of town officials here. When the line at Starbucks is seven deep, they turn around and walk out, because they don’t have the patience to wait. Yet I can’t even get to my bank in town. We’ve always had destination skiers, and these people from the Front Range don’t spend the money.

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