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I’m the owner of a small fleet of vehicles which we move passengers from Eagle County Airport and various ski resorts, and as such I’m obliged to abide by the rules and regulations of the airport. But it seems like not every transportation company is similarly obliged. The regulations don’t allow us to have our company names on signs to meet our passengers, nor can we display the service we provide. So it really bugs me when I’m standing next to a taxi guy, I’ve got my greeting sign, legally, and he’s standing next to me and his has all over it in big bold letters “taxi'”or “shuttle” … in bold letters that can be seen from quite a distance. And the customer’s name you can hardly read. You have to get a couple feet away before you can even read his name. He’s obviously soliciting business, which is supposed to be prohibited by the rules and regulations. This representative of the taxi company also hangs out in the airport like all the time, he’s loitering, according to the rules and regulations. Even after the passengers leave, he’s still there. Come rain or shine, we have to leave the airport, but he’s allowed to stay in there, and that again is against the rules. He seems to have set up his office with one of the support pillars inside the center entrance of the terminal. He even leaves his paperwork and clipboard there. It’s like his office. The rest of us have to leave, so we can’t leave our paperwork stuff there. I’d like to have the same opportunity and set up an office in one of the other pillars inside and illegally solicit business like he does. The county must know he’s doing this, because the security people just walk right by him and they know the regulations, but they still allow him to break the regulations. It seems like he does it with impunity. I’d like to know why he’s allowed to do that and we’re not.

Minturn priorities

Isn’t it funny how the town of Minturn can propose to the citizens an RV park but cannot find a piece of land for a fire station, to get a grant for the fire station, and can’t complete that station on time. The public works building south of town was a bigger priority to get done. It’s finished; the station is not. A 24-hour staffed station helps people in an emergency rather than waiting for the 7-15 minute response from Vail or Avon. Isn’t that why the citizens voted for the inclusion for Eagle River Fire? Isn’t it funny that the citizens can’t figure out what the town of Minturn needs. The change they need is a town manager. Maybe Earl Benz won’t realize it until it’s too late. How about getting rid of the police? Won’t that fund more money for the town? Contracting with the county?

Against his religion

I still want to know why the taxpayers in the towns of Vail and Avon are OK with having tax dollars used for lighting Christmas lights throughout the towns. Isn’t there such a thing as separation of church and state, and isn’t that why Denver County doesn’t pay for the cost of lighting the Civic Center anymore? Instead, it’s done with public contributions.

Roundabouts stink

Now that we’ve lived with the roundabouts for several years, I’d just like to ask everyone out there, does anyone else think the roundabouts stink? I do. I don’t mind the one lane roundabouts, but I really think the two-lane roundabouts are a real pain, and most drivers are going too fast and too impatient and too aggressive to make them work efficiently. Is anyone else out there in agreement with me and is there any way of possibly making all the roundabouts one lane instead of the two or three lanes that they are now?

Troubles in Minturn

As a concerned citizen of Minturn, I would like to thank the board of trustees of the National Resource Damage Fund for putting the funding for the Minturn project on hold. They’re not the only ones worried about acquisition of land and the overall cost of the project. I encourage others with concerns regarding this funding to e-mail the Colorado attorney general and the Colorado Department of Health and the Environment. Does the need to rebuild the cemetery bridge have anything to do with the KOA campground? We all know that a bridge in the KOA project would make it undoable. Our town has recently given us reasons not to trust them. We’ve been lied to and told that we just don’t get the big picture. Well maybe they should start listening to who pays the taxes and votes for them. Why is a town employee allowed to lie to the citizens? Too bad we can’t recall our paid employees. What would it take to get our council to listen to our citizens? The reason people don’t show up to meetings is we’re tired of being told we don’t understand. It’s amazing we’re able to fill out our ballots at elections, but the council doesn’t think we have a clue about what’s good for our town. By the way, most of the comments you get from Minturn will be anonymous, because what a previous person has said is true and ultimately will drive many of us out of this wonderful town.

You’re wrong

I just wanted to say with the Berry Creek housing coming on line, welcome to your new Rocky Mountain ghetto. Vail Resorts, Eagle County, and everybody else involved with this project doesn’t seem to understand that the locals do not want to live in condominiums, townhomes, duplexes. We’d like to live in single family homes that afford a little privacy.

My fair share

As far as the Eagle Valley Land Trust goes, maybe they should try to get donations from non-property owners. As a homeowner in Eagle County, I’ll be paying my fair share, and not a penny more.

Mandate helmets

Thanks for your article on bumps and bruises in the terrain park. I wasn’t aware that some areas do require helmets in the terrain park. Riding down the Riva Bahn at the end of the day, the lift was filled with boarders coming up, and we noticed that one of every two was not wearing a helmet. A shop owner in Lionshead aptly labeled boarders without helmets as “deadheads.” I, too, think it appropriate that helmets be worn in the terrain park, because that same trip down the other day there were two ski patrol attending two separate accidents, and both victims were helmet-less. Why can’t Vail Resorts require helmets? Or does that make it appear that snowboarding could be a risk to your health in the terrain park?

What’re they doing?

I think this is a question more than a tip. Again, on the Avon budget crisis, how do we have a town public works employee driving around on Sunday, obviously on the clock, and also on Saturday? My assumption is that they might be looking to pick up discarded Christmas trees, but there certainly is no snow to plow today on Sunday. The other question that I have is all these people that are driving around on Saturday and Sunday, are they regular work days? Or are they just employees who have a guaranteed overtime package as part of their compensation? These questions I think can be answered in some form in the Vail Daily.

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