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This is Todd Huck, president of the Eagle County Education Association: … If what you (Tim McMichael) are saying is true about teachers taking it out on your children, why did you not do everything in your power as school board president to take care of this matter properly and document these actions? ECA would never support or condone such actions, and I’m willing to bet that what you’re saying is not true, or documented, and that you’re just upset that you are no longer on the school board because, Tim, you lost the election.

Your responsibility

This is a tip for all the people who keep calling in thinking that Vail somehow has to hold their hands at the terrain park when other people are on the hill. Shut up, grow up and take responsibility for your own actions. It’s not anybody’s responsibility but your own to take care of yourself. Stop with this whining, already. Yeah the guy went off, and he got hurt. Everybody feels bad, but it’s his own fault, not Vail’s, not anyone else’s. Stop crying. Most everyone who travels in the backcountry knows better than to assume someone else is going to take responsibility for their actions. It’s time that people traveling inbounds realize they’re in no different of an environment. Look ahead of you, look around you, and if you can’t handle it, don’t be on the mountain.

Size it up first

I’m calling about the Tiplines on the 23-year-old Kansas man who was injured in the terrain park, particularly the suggestion that there should be more done by Vail Resorts to ensure a safe environment in the park. There’s plenty of signage at the park gates stating the level of expertise required to hit those jumps. What I find fascinating is the level to which people try to place the blame on someone else rather than taking responsibility for themselves. … It should be that a reasonable person of reasonable intelligence should be able to size up the hit and say to themselves, that’s too big, I’m not ready. That happens every day. Hundreds of people a day take jumps safely and without consequence.

Au contraire

This is in response to Richard Carnes’ statement that cooking is the only thing the French are good at. Carnes glibly ignores the immense contributions of the French, to literature, philosophy, art and architecture. Let’s not impugn an entire nation because of the stupidity of their leaders. I certainly feel no responsibility for the actions of George “Clueless” Bush. We really ought to play nicer and smarter than our leaders do and not be so quick to disparage an entire nation for the actions of a few.

Know your limits

This call is in response to all the gapers who think the Vail Golden Peak terrain park is dangerous. No duh. So is crossing the street and my ex-girlfriend’s cooking. … Knowing your own limitations is integral in any sport in order to avoid injury.

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