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So, let me get this straight. It’s OK to have Democrat Debbie Marquez say whatever she wants and also get her letter in twice, but it’s not OK for Republican Henri Stone to say something she feels is valid? Good grief. How obnoxious is that?

Rogers is the moron

We’ve tolerated Don Rogers’ idiotic and short-sighted columns for a number of years, but his take on Aron Ralston is particularly stupid. I hope you got to see the press conference this afternoon where he might have seen a thoughtful, intelligent, humble person accept responsibility for his actions. Also, Don Rogers should note that many experienced climbers climb alone at times. There’s nothing wrong with that. And he did admit to making a mistake and not letting anyone know where he was going. But I’ll tell you what, Don, you’re the moron here. Also, Butch Mazzuca shouldn’t try any humor, and Richard Carnes is a complete idiot, and you guys shouldn’t even have him writing for your paper. He really demeans your paper.

Tired of it

This is in response to Marty Lich’s Tipsline. You know I’m getting tired of reading her Tipslines. I mean, why is she so interested in the undocumented workers or the illegal aliens in the U.S.? I mean, does she have employees that work for her or what’s her beef or is she just downright not liking Mexicans. She needs to get a life and find something else to do besides hashing and hashing and hashing about the undocumented community workers and whether they get aid or not. It really is none of her business.

Step down, Henri

I think Henri Stone’s comments against Mark Udall should call for our Republican Party to ask her to step down. She’s an embarrassment to our party. Her comments are immature, selfish and politically motivated. To intimate that any public servant does not acknowledge the tragedy and negative impact of World War II and 9/11 is not only ridiculous and insensitive, but putting erroneous words and thoughts into someone else’s mouth. Henri, she’s incorrigible. I think she should step down. Step down, Henri.

Harsh critic

I just happened to read the Vail Daily today and I saw an article in there that said something about “he earned his pay.” How can they possibly think that Mr. Ingstad earns his pay? The only reason he got that money is they cut everybody else’s budget. He really doesn’t care. If he cared he would use his marketing capabilities and bring people into this county. I’m just sick and tired of hearing how good Ingstad is. He shouldn’t be around. Anybody that can bash public transportation, threaten public transportation, get a 25 percent pay raise doesn’t deserve to be here. My name is Cliff Smith. I do live in Eagle County.

Wrong town

I was just reading about the wonderful results of the CSAP reading test, but I do wish you would understand that Brush Creek Elementary is in the town of Eagle, not the town of Gypsum, and I wish you’d get a reporter up there that understands that there are two towns down here, both very fine, wonderful communities with great schools, but we deserve the credit when it’s Eagle that had the highest score in the state instead of another school in the area. So please print a retraction on that and give the town of Eagle credit for that great Brush Creek Elementary School, and it is located in the new Eagle Ranch and it’s a wonderful community with a lot of hard-working, loving families living there. Thank you.

Editor’s note: The error was in a cutline, not the story written by the reporter. Yes, we should have caught that.

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