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A conflict?

I was at the hearing on Tuesday night, July 29, regarding the conservation of Bair Ranch. I was sitting in the fourth or fifth row of the packed chamber. I can tell you unequivocally that the hearing began with our commissioner, Tom Stone, having to be questioned about his involvement as a real estate agent in this case. The questioning went on for some time. It was not brief, nor was it casual. Mr. Stone had to be asked repeatedly whether he had a conflict because of his interest in being the listing agent for the Bair Ranch if it were to be for sale. The rest of the hearing began only after this interrogation had ended with Commissioner Stone’s refusal to recuse himself based on his assurance that he had no conflict of interest. Later, well into the public comment phase of the hearing, Ceci Nottingham took her turn to speak. She came down and stood beside Craig Bair. She put her hand on his shoulder and looked at him. Mrs. Nottingham told Craig she was sorry to do this, she’d known him since he was little, but she had to ask him something in front of all these people. She then asked Mr. Bair if Commissioner Stone had approached him with a contract to list Bair Ranch for sale. Mr. Bair, who was visibly distressed by this, slumped forward and BEGAN TO NOD UP AND DOWN. As long as I’ve lived this has always had one meaning: YES. It was PLAIN TO SEE, in the bright light of the Eagle County Commissioners chambers, that Mr. Bair’s nods, yes, were completely contrary to the stance Commissioner Stone had taken earlier, when he, our county commissioner, was interrogated regarding his role as a real estate agent and his resulting conflict of interest.

Aron, Ferry’s errors

Aron’s error? I guess Mr. Aron has not learned by VJ’s past error.

First, we as locals truly appreciate all of the capital expenditures VA has put into Vail over the last several years. Second, to think that VA could insinuate raising prices as much as three times for locals is absurd. Your statistics of $15-$20 per day for locals may be true, but as many stats they are based upon a narrow view. Many of those days we ski one or two runs before we go to work at our 11 a.m. job. We do this for one reason alone, because we love to ski-ride. Third, if you do raise prices, Montana sounds better all the time, where things still are like they used to be. Ferry’s Error? If the town of Vail is crying because of lost revenue from Front Rangers, why doesn’t the town raise taxes on all of the outrageously high-priced commercial properties available in Vail? Most of it is owned outright from people making wise choices in the ’60s and is nothing but their personal cash cow. Their tax increases have not come close to their increase in commercial space price. Finally, raise your town taxes. They are some of the least expensive in the valley. Maybe it’s time to keep up with what’s going on downvalley.-

Dangerous landing

My family and I went rafting this past weekend, put in at Rancho and were told to get out at State Bridge. To our surprise, a barbed wire fence was now there restricting anyone from getting out safely. I don’t know or really care who’s property that is. I just truly can’t believe that anyone living up here would endanger people’s well-being. All of us had to get through the fence, which included my 6-year-old son. Hey, guy who owns the property across from the State Bridge Lodge, get a clue. You may think you have solved the problem of people either trespassing on your property or monopolizing the river exit which you charge people a fee to get out of, but what you’ve done is created a safety hazard, for which you will be liable if anyone gets hurt. Kim S.

Still dumping

After reading the Tipsline from the sister from out of town of the mayor from Red Cliff, I have a response for her. The only ones who need an apology here on the dump blue days are the families of Red Cliff. They’re the ones that need an apology from the mayor for wanting to stop them from throwing trash in the Dumpster. That’s why the Dumpsters are there. They put a law in there that you need to clean your yards, and that’s all these families were doing. Furthermore, we don’t live in a Third World country where there can be this kind of dictatorship as to who dumps in the Dumpster and who doesn’t. Everyone in Red Cliff should be able to dump their trash in the Dumpster. If two Dumpsters are not enough, then it’s up to the mayor and the council people to bring in more Dumpsters.

Right on, Richard

Richard Carnes: I’m all for you receiving $250,000 from the Eagle County Land Trust for your conservation easement. Then, as an Eagle County taxpayer who helped, I could come up, have morning coffee with you, or bring some friends and sit on your back deck and have some beers while enjoying the view. Just like I can now go to Bair Ranch, ride four-wheelers, have a family picnic, or hunt with friends, all at no charge. Oh I forgot, I already helped pay $2 million, as did all other Eagle County citizens. So since we paid, can’t we all not use this land? Or will it still be only for a few rich Texas doctors who use this land for hunting and so forth.

Richard, I don’t always agree with you, most of the time I do, but you sure did hit this nail on the head. Every Eagle County taxpayer should have been bending over when this one went through.

Nothing proven yet

This is in response to the female that wrote about all the cheering crowd for Kobe when he came to his (advisement) hearing. Well my response to her is she said to be nice to the girls, and I say be nice to the boys. I have boys, and I say be nice to the boys and don’t accuse boys of things that were a consensual act. Furthermore, these people have every right to cheer. They are exercising their First Amendment rights. Furthermore, Kobe is still innocent. Nothing has been proven yet.

Scolds commissioner

Tom Stone. You need to be banned from your occasional columnist status in the Vail Daily until you can stop using it as a place to vent your personal attacks on your fellow commissioners and to spout self-serving half-truths.

Your latest public comment on the Bair Ranch contains language attacking commissioners Gallagher and Menconi’s decisions that only illustrate your childish inability to accept the fact that people don’t always agree with you. You have been publicly rude to anyone who dares disagree with your real estate agent’s view of how much of our valley floor should be developed, and your pompous attitude is affecting the productivity of our county commissioners offices.

While questioning what the future holds for a few beautiful remaining places along I-70, I’d like to remind you of your insistence that Miller Ranch and Berry Creek be crammed full of houses and roadways. I was particularly impressed with your hypocrisy when you commented that it would have been unconscionable to build a soccer field there with real grass because of all the water it would use, when only week prior you approved a plan for another golf course on Brush Creek that will suck a million gallons of water a day out of Brush Creek, as Eagle Ranch already does. Also, if you paid attention to what’s going on in your own district, you’d know that there are already plans for a big box, multiple commercial buildings, and a large number of houses east of Eagle and across the road from the Diamond Star. Open space gone. But according to you and your fellow believers, there is nothing but open space out there in the public lands for all of us to enjoy forever. Baloney.

If all our deeded lands in the valley is developed at the densities being allowed, our public land will look like central park, with rutted out mountain bike trails as thousands of residents race out to enjoy the wilderness. Taken a drive up Shrine Pass on a Saturday afternoon lately? Trust me, it’s a mob scene. Commissioner Stone, grow up. If you worked as hard at creating a harmonious and productive relationship with your fellow commissioners as you do at creating discord, we citizens would be far better served.

Clearly marked

I just finished reading the article about the speeders on I-70 through the construction from the sinkhole. I went through there numerous times while the construction was happening, and it was more than clearly marked about the reduction of speed. As a matter of fact, there was even a big electronic sign that said “police are citing speeders.” So all of you complaining about the tickets that you got, how much more of a warning are you looking for?

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