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The headline to this is “shame on you VR,” which is Vail Resorts. A few days ago we received a notice for renewal of our senior pass. What a shock that was. We thought it was bad enough a couple of years ago when the VR started charging seniors over 70 a $99 fee for a ski pass, but now the increase is by 50 percent to $149. It is a rotten shame that VR has to sock it to us old folks who have supported this area from day one. If they would quit buying and building super hotels and resorts, maybe they would be a little more considerate toward the people who helped this area grow and become the resort it is. We have talked to a number of friends in our age group and everyone is as angry and disappointed as we are. There’s a very good possibility that we will choose to quit skiing or go to areas where we can ski free. I guess VR is trying to get us old folks off the slopes. We are sure VR would have another shady excuse like last time why they increased the fee, but don’t bother boring us with that. We won’t believe it anyway. Too bad their greed overshadows consideration. PS: By the way, the $149 rate is only good for purchase until the end of September. Wait until you hear what VR has in store for you after that. Sign us “disappointed and disillusioned seniors of the Vail Valley.”

Hard ball

Boy, there must be an abundance of drugs in Eagle County. I am sitting here reading this letter about a sports complex in Gypsum and how this fellow doesn’t want it. Is he on drugs or what? Listen, I’ve played ball here since the “70s. We have never had enough ball fields, soccer fields, or any kind of athletic fields. What are you thinking? How do you want our kids to grow up? Do you want them to be in gangs? Do you want them to do drugs? Or maybe they should just stay home and play video games, that’s probably what they should do. Another thing, dogs do not belong in parks or in sports complexes or at public events like all the morons in this community seem to think is proper. Just think, when you go to a park, and even if you do pick up the feces, which about 1 percent of all dog owners do, there is still feces on the ground so when you’re laying down and stretching out, you end up with feces all over you. Anyway, do you want the kids to play with computers or video games? I know a really good place, you could sell your house right now before that complex goes in, make a lot of money and I know there’s a cave up in Fulford that would accommodate you perfectly.

Campaign hazards

I live in Gypsum and a couple of weeks ago when Tom Stone was out passing out his fliers, he walked right into my home. He came through my front porch, through the front door. It was in the afternoon, my teen-age daughter had just gotten home from school and she thought it was one of her friends. Needless to say, she was very creeped out and ill at ease, a little frightened. That’s our county commissioner, walking right into people’s homes. I’d like to say that you know there is a “make my day” law and if my husband had been home, it would have ended differently. But again, that’s our county commissioner, Tom Stone, and I think that the voters need to know that he did it at several other homes on Valley Road a couple of weeks ago in Gypsum.

Dogging the dog

Mr. Cacioppo, the majority voted in the teacher’s pay raise, legal or not. You may not agree, but your tactics are wasting more school district money. So what kind of watchdog are you? A rabid dog.

Catch it early

I’m going to get a letter written up. I’ve lived in Colorado for about seven years but am really concerned about this gang problem in Gypsum. I’m from California, and I moved out here to get away from stuff like that. I’ve seen friends get shot down by drive-by shootings. This stuff really needs to stop.

I have a job

I’d like to respond to the Tipslines pertaining to gangs in Gypsum. I do have a job. I don’t even know why I’m wasting my sweet time responding to this petty gossip. I find it irritating that some people would like to see me crawl, but I refuse to fall. I’m successful and I’m very happy with my status and situation, besides the fact that people in Gypsum community are comparing us to Osama Bin Laden, and I quote, “street terrorists.” We are good people and if you met us in person you would think so too. Thank you for your time and goodbye.

Against Stone

I am tired of Tom and Henri Stone bullying people. I am tired of them taking the laws and twisting them to their own good, so I really hope everyone who is out there, Republican or Democrat, vote for anybody but Tom Stone. I don’t care, vote for Laurie, vote for Jerry, but don’t split the vote to the point that Tom wins.

Slippery expectation

I would like to ask Henri Stone to explain what difference there is between destroying campaign signs of the opposition and destroying newspapers where opposing views are written. Campaign signs are property. Newspapers with opposing viewpoints and paid-for advertising are also property. Yes, the Eagle County courts still have yet to decide whether the willful theft and destruction of the written word is prosecutable. Since court in action very often becomes the law, one is only to assume that these horrific violations of free speech are legal. So, Henri, what was that you were saying about the slippery slope threatening our First Amendment rights of free speech? Where was your voice of condemnation, Henri, when newspapers opposing the school bond issue were being trashed? Not once have I seen where you or Commissioner Stone spoke against these violations of free speech and the theft of advertising dollars. I didn’t hear a word from you admonishing the courts for their blatant inaction in prosecuting the offenders. So like so many, Henri, you speak with forked tongue. In your case, inaction speaks louder than words. Free speech is obviously only important enough to defend when the cause is yours. Signed one very disillusioned Republican.

Wasn’t me

Unsubstantiated and vitriolic accusations are the trademarks of ignorant and meanspirited people. Our Eagle County candidates themselves are running issue-oriented campaigns based on earned reputation and records of hard work. Hopefully, their supporters will follow their good example and not degrade their candidates’ campaigns with untrue accusations and outright lies, such as the person accusing me of putting campaign stickers on public property all over Riverwalk. If indeed there was a lady doing this, which is hard to believe since our campaign stickers arrived only yesterday, I wish to thank her for her obviously enthusiastic, albeit misdirected support of my husband, Tom Stone. He works tirelessly to improve the lives of everyone in Eagle County. His work for the Youth Conversation Corps, the battered women’s shelter and for affordable housing and recreational facilities for locals testify to his commitment. This is Henri Stone. I’m not afraid to sign my name. Thank you.

I’m not in a gang

My name is James Matlock and I’m calling about the Tipslines you had in about the gang members in Eagle County and here in Gypsum. I grew up around gangs my whole life and I have plenty of friends that are real gang bangers, and all you guys are doing is making these kids think they’re tough, because they’re punks. Like if they were ever in a real city they wouldn’t know what to do, they would be crying. You guys are writing articles and promoting people like me who grew up in gangs and lived their life in them. I know about 50-100 people who work every day to support their families. They’re not out robbing people, they’re not out stealing. They’re ex-gang members who learned their lessons. I look the same way I have since I was young. I look like a gang banger. I walk around wearing khakis. If they don’t like it, … . I go to work every day to support my family and I know what a real gangster is. All you guys are doing is making these little kids think they’re hard. They’ve never even seen a main drag on even the smallest city. I just hope you guys are having a good time making the Eagle County sheriff look at people like me as a bad person.

Coverage too much

I never thought that I’d actually call this hotline, but I had to comment on the extensive graphic coverage of the Skylar Hootman tragedy. I really feel very sad by his death and I’m devastated for his parents, but I believe that if Skylar’s name had been Jesus Alvarez, he wouldn’t have gotten near the coverage that you guys gave him. I also don’t think that it was all appropriate for you to put pictures of people crying at the accident site, at his funeral, of his parents crying. I think that was sensationalism and I think it was extremely tacky. I think you guys need to rethink your motivation as to why you gave that tragedy as much coverage as it got.

Favors 31

I want to encourage everyone to vote yes on Amendment 31. I don’t understand why Eagle County School District is teaching these students how to be proficient in their own language, because the parents of these students aren’t proficient themselves. Their level of Spanish, or level of schooling, is probably fifth or sixth grade. So they’re illiterate in their own language as well. So I think these students need to learn English.

Going mag

I kind of like our Wednesday, Oct. 2, edition of the Vail Daily: 1,000 gallons of magnesium chloride spilled atop Vail Pass. Well, they said they cleaned it all up and none of it got off the property. It sounds like a hazardous waste spill. Now wait a minute, if they had to clean it up, and they were afraid of it getting into Black Gore Creek, they’re putting it on our roads. Hey, make up your mind, either it’s OK or it’s not OK. Hey, somebody needs to do something about our government, state, federal and local. We don’t need magnesium chloride, we need people to drive properly. But let’s keep on Californicating Eagle County and the rest of the state.

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