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‘Tis the season for VR rumors

Don Rogers

The annual gossip mill about potential buyers kicking the tires at Vail Resorts seems to be working on overdrive of late.At the stock market, the traffic of trade of VR stock has spiked this month and the price has, well, climbed pretty steeply. In summer. The usual pattern of the past was for the price to dip during the duldrums, then climb at the peak of a good winter.Analysts suggest the company’s strong, strong quarterly performance report is driving all this. But that’s, well, no fun at all for those attuned to grapevines.Bair Ranch’s open space controversy has swiftly receded into distant memory. Magnus Lindholm’s super-pole no doubt will do the same once folks get weary of hollering. And isn’t this always about the time of year when the “someone is buying VR” rumors get rumbling, regular as thunder during the monsoon season?This time around, various “deep throats” have been shaking the grapevine as hard as ever. One whispers of five suitors, another of four entering their second round of bidding. Apollo wants out, don’t you know. And so it goes.This year we have names, some the usual suspects and a couple of perhaps not so household entities, including an investment whiz who was reported to have looked over the financials recently, according to another undercover source. Naturally, none of these folks can be reached to “neither confirm nor deny” their interest. And never mind that VR officials say they can neither confirm nor deny anything, as usual. The buzz is buzzing, and as always the reporters will chase the leads and the phantom leads. It would be big news, after all. It only has to actually happen. You know, turn out to be true. (Nagging thing about rumors.) We’ll keep you posted. D.R.