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Titanic extra to headline celebrity race

Waka Jawaka

Otto V. Murtaugh, who played “screaming fat man in tuxedo # 3,” in the blockbuster “Titanic” will be the headline screen star at next year’s American Ski Plastic, the annual celebrity ski race and fund raiser held on Vail Mountain every spring.

Murtaugh, 39, who appeared on screen for approximately 3.5 seconds before being crushed to death by a chandelier, said Wednesday night he was delighted to be coming to Vail, though he isn’t sure what state it’s in or what he’s supposed to do when he gets here.

“I’ve never really been invited to anything of this caliber,” said Murtaugh, contacted in the Redondo Beach van he lives in. “When “Titanic” came out, I was invited to the grand opening of a tractor store in my hometown – Cow Ditch, Kentucky – but Mayor Jed forgot to introduce me.”

Murtaugh said he is now focused on landing the role of “torn-in-half bystander #3” in Mel Gibson’s much anticipated sequel to the “The Passion of the Christ.” The film, “Lethal Weapon 6: Resurrection Rampage,” apparently tells the story of a burnt-out, hard-edged messiah who, on his last day at work at the police department before he ascends to heaven, stops in Southern California to foil a violent Israeli publicity cartel trafficking in conterfeit sincerity.

Wispy Pigeonson, organizer of the American Ski Plastic, said Murtaugh is an ideal stand-in for the two “big-time” celebrities she had been pursuing to headline the races.

“Those two guys who speak jive in ‘Airplane’ – we were really close to bringing them to Vail, but apparently they had no idea what I was talking about and hung up the phone on me,” Pigeonson said.

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