To catch a speeder |

To catch a speeder

Vail Daily Editorial
Vail CO, Colorado

Every regular motorist between Vail and Eagle can see the State Patrol has stepped up its presence.

Those tell-tale flashing blue lights have become a familiar part of the commute over the past couple of years.

Local forces have shown up more lately on I-70, as well, including the dummy in the Vail Police Department SUV who still fools plenty of out-of-towners. You know this by the parade of red rear lights flashing when they catch sight of him.

All this is good, very good. No doubt a life or two or three has been saved as a result.

But if the authorities think they’ve made a real dent in aggressive driving along this familiar stretch of freeway, they’d better think again.

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The State Patrol’s habit of focusing on two dangerous stretches of I-70 has become too familiar.

The folks who tailgate at 80-plus and step on it from there to cut each other off now pause at the likely cop hideouts with barely a second thought before taking up their games again.

They remain a big hazard to the rest of us, and particularly the annual slew of new drivers ” our children ” who take the main thoroughfare in Eagle County. The speed trap method of catching speeders might work fine for drivers unaware of these locations. But the return has to be diminishing for encouraging the local ragers to slow down.

We like the extra attention that the State Patrol and local authorities have placed on I-70, which like clockwork gets busier by the year. But it’s time to change up the tactics, not be so predictable. The speeders have been trained for the moment to pause in a couple of spots. Why not catch them a few times where they don’t expect you?

Oh, and Avon, if you’re going to patrol I-70, get a squad car that can catch up to someone.

” Don Rogers for the Editorial Board

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