Todd Tijerina brings a little Stevie Ray Vaughan to Vail. |

Todd Tijerina brings a little Stevie Ray Vaughan to Vail.

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Like most career musicians, Todd Tijerina’s passion started early.

Tijerina began teaching himself songs from his favorite albums, and quickly realized that he wanted to be a professional musician when he grew up.

Although Tijerina grew up in Chicago, the blues capital of the world, it wasn’t until moving to Albuquerque, New Mexico in his late teens that he was exposed to the art form. He overheard some music that absolutely grabbed him. He asked who was playing, and his friend replied, “It’s a Texas blues guitarist named Stevie Ray Vaughan.”

It was a life-changing moment for Tijerina, because he knew he was going to learn how to play the blues. Since that moment, he has dedicated his life to playing blues-rock, with jazz and funk influences thrown in. His style ranges from lyrical and soulful to harsh and howling.

“I live to play,” says Tijerina. “I’ve always loved music, but the blues is my first real and lasting sweetheart.”

Tijerina’s move back to Chicago in 1997 provided him opportunities to work as guitarist for Chicago blues veterans Byther Smith, Harmonica Hinds, Jumpin’ Willie Cobb, Kax and the Blacklight Show, BB’s daughter Shirley King and others.

Tijerina performs live today at the Half Moon Saloon in West Vail.

Daily Staff Report

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