Tom Brady studies Lindsey Vonn tape as he prepares to send it on skis |

Tom Brady studies Lindsey Vonn tape as he prepares to send it on skis

Tom Brady's first attempt at giving New England a collective aneurysm.
Screenshot from Instagram

Many of us in Colorado are tired of hearing his name, but a Tom Brady story that has nothing to do with football is a rare gem.

Take away the pigskin, add some skis, a terrain park and Lindsey Vonn, and now we’re interested. In his latest Instagram post, Brady hits all the necessary relevancy points.

It appears the six-time Super Bowl champion is going skiing in Montana and is trying to learn from his past mistakes after taking a tumble last time in the terrain park.

In the video, Brady recounts the first time he scared the bejeezus out of Patriots nation when he bailed on a ski jump back in 2017. Referencing a popular “South Park” episode in his caption, Brady exclaims, “if you french fry when you’re supposed to pizza, you’re gonna have a bad time!”

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If you french fry when you're supposed to pizza, you're gonna have a bad time! Trust me!!!

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Pretty sure he should have stuck with the french fry

But hey, we all have our learning curves. At least this time, he made a wise choice in who to emulate: Lindsey Vonn.

In the latest video, Brady observes Vonn’s stance, speed and choice of terrain. In his next attempt, Brady will plan for a “way bigger hill and way more speed.”

In all his observations, he may have missed one of the most valuable lessons he could have learned from his new role model: retire while you’re still standing.

But go ahead and send it, Tom. You only live once.

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