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Tom Edwards

Caramie Schnell
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Tom Edwards took time before a run to meet for The Trail’s final candid candidate profile. After our less-than-serious interview, the Republican county commissioner candidate admitted afterwards the interview was pretty easy – “It wasn’t too bad, it was practically painless,” he laughed.

It’s sort of idealistic, I suppose, but I’d enact a law that everyone has to listen to somebody before they comment. It’s kind of a personal thing – anytime I think we do something or we try and do something in the valley, or we try and understand somebody else I think it takes, and I read this somewhere, I think it takes a 100 cups of coffee. In other words, you’ve got to sit down and talk with people and discuss things before you can really understand them and what they want. It’s actually not the campaign, it’s the Tipsline and the Wisdom from the Web – we get too much of a snippet of a comment on something without trying to understand what somebody has to say.

Chocolate, that’s the first thing that comes to my mind. Maybe just eating. I do like to eat. And I enjoy good food. Probably chocolate. A cup of coffee and some chocolate is a great guilty pleasure.

Saying something about someone when they’re standing right within earshot. I remember back in college when I was going out with some people and commenting on somebody I had gone to high school with that they were a little heavier than they were when they were in high school. The girl happened to be sitting in the booth behind us. I don’t think she heard. But that sort of thing is very embarrassing. I still remember it and that was probably about ’62 or ’63.

I don’t know, I’ve never watched it. What do they do? I wouldn’t sing anything, I’d run. I can’t carry a tune in a basket. I really don’t know how to answer that. I like jazz, there’s no particular song I’d sing. And I do try to avoid singing whenever possible. I don’t want to hurt anybody.

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I guess I’m not real big on famous people. Personally I enjoy meeting everybody and probably if there’s any part of this campaign thing I like it is meeting new people in the valley all the time. There’s people who started this country, presidents. I think Ben Franklin would be an interesting guy but I enjoy meeting somebody here in real life and being able to communicate with them just as much I think I would enjoy meeting somebody historical. VT

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