Tongue, genital piercing banned |

Tongue, genital piercing banned

Allen BestVail, CO Colorado

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. Teton County has adopted new regulations governing businesses that offer tattoos and piercing. The new regulations ban tongue and genital piercings, and also scarification and lacing.Driving the tongue-piercing ban is a fear that people with tongue rings will end up with chipped teeth.The Jackson Hole News&Guide reports anger from a local piercing business called Sub-Urban Tattoo. Theyre trying to regulate an industry they dont understand, said shop-owner Susan Woodward. She says that the prohibitions will not stop the piercings, but likely cause customers to drive to Idaho Falls, about 80 miles away. She also suggested the regulations are driven by aesthetics.Whats next, will they ban purple hair? she said.

BANFF, Alberta Some people using bathrooms in Banff have been startled to find a grayish brown paper coming from toilet paper dispensers. Its the latest effort in a recycling program that is saving the municipality $13,000 a year.The toilet paper and hand towels are grayish brown because the paper is not bleached, which means less use of water. Moreover, the paper comes from recycled newspapers and cardboard including materials some from Banff. Normally, recycled paper and cardboard is shipped to East Asia for processing, but in this case is recycled in Canada.

JACKSON HOLE, Wyo. Teton County and the town of Jackson are embarking on a most ambitious effort. When 2010 ends, they aim to use 10 percent less energy on a per capita basis than last year, and also generate 10 percent less garbage. The project is called 10 x 10.This is, notes Jackson Hole News&Guide columnist Jonathan Schechter, more than checkbook environmentalism. It requires residents to do things differently, he says. Its a voluntary effort, with no economic incentives, although consuming less energy and generating less trash do in fact save money. This effort builds on a resolution adopted by both town and county governments, which commits both governments to reduce their energy and fuel use. The two governments recently formed an Energy Efficiency Advisory Board, which includes two ski resorts, two large lodges, and the electrical utility serving Jackson Hole.As in Aspen, one of the arguments for such an effort is that because of its influence on visitors, the effort can be exaggerated, causing tourists to similarly cut back on energy use.

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