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Too bulky


Okay, why do people need to buy items in bulk? Is it to accommodate their bulky American lifestyles? It’s just gross. Be human, people, and buy things in normal sizes.TAP tipThe Vail Daily web extras for April 12 posted the school board agenda. Reading through this, I found this quote, “Mike Gass, director of secondary education for the Eagle County School District, stated that with the TAP program it is more difficult to meet the necessary time for students in the classroom. This is an opportunity for the two high schools to develop a schedule to better meet the needs of the students.”Seems like the TAP Program is driving a lot of decisions in this district, and not to the best interest of the students.Planet alcoholHere’s a message and some advice from Planet Alcohol. The alcohol planet, you guys should know, you don’t control alcohol, alcohol controls you. Mind-blowingOn Saturday night when the big concerts were here in Vail – P.O.D. and Hoobastank – I had to work. Could not make it. But I went out to Sandbar to have a drink, and P.O.D. showed up there, with this awesome local band called The Flying Gravity, and they blew my mind. It’s great to see that rock and roll is coming to Vail. It’s awesome. I hope it keeps continuing.Likes cleanThis is Jackie Anthony and I’m reading the Sunday paper about the clean-up crews. The person that wrote this article, I absolutely agree with them. We need to put those people to work and this is a very good way to do it and a very good way to get this area cleaned up, so if you could write another article on it, that would be great. Thank you very much.Lame planningThis is to whomever put on the Springback to Vail concert Saturday night. I just wanted to say, way to go. You guys should be proud of yourself. Bring in one of the biggest headliners last year, have an absolutely unbelievable show, things get out of hand because you’re unprepared because you weren’t expecting the crowds, so this year you kick it down a notch, have it at the same venue, and don’t even fill the venue. What a waste. You guys should just have the show at Checkpoint Charlie and made it free. But there’s an eighth of the people down there. All because you guys were unprepared last year. Pathetic. Springback to Lame!Vail rulesThis is just a thought. What a wonderful place we live when one spouse can enjoy a beautiful day of skiing at a world class resort, and the other spouse can enjoy 18 holes of golf on an equally terrific golf course, right here in the same county.Fix MexicoIf the Latinos can’t find work in their own country down in Mexico, that’s because their government is so corrupt. Maybe if they were more educated and they knew how to contribute to the governing process, they might be able to change the government, and then start a democracy that was productive down there enough for them to make a living, instead of having to come up to our country and subvert our wages, and they’d be able to do their own thing in their own land. Maybe we’d go down there and visit them.LitterbugsThis tip is for anyone who has been down to the river between Eagle and Dotsero doing any fishing on the river. I don’t know who it is, white, black, brown, green, purple, Corona bottles, Tecate bottles, rims and tires. Do you think that they just blend in with the bushes? A Lazy Boy chair down by the river. I’ve been fishing here for the last 10 years and have just recently noticed all this stuff. Stuff like this doesn’t need to be on the side of the river bank. Do you think it just blends it with the landscape? This is Mike in Eagle.Sneaky Service?I’m commenting about the Forest Service’s proposed Vail Valley forest health project. They want to clear a lot of timber out of the valley and supposedly burn it, we’re not sure what they want to do. I received a letter from the Forest Service dated March 8 saying a decision had been made and the record of decision and final environmental impact statements would be available at either the Vail Library, the Minturn Library, or the Avon Public Library. As far as I know, none of those libraries have received anything. It’s now April 10, there was supposed to be a 30-day appeals process period before anything’s implemented and as of today nothing has been made public as far as I can tell. The documents are not even available on Forest Service’s website, http://www.fsfedusr2whiteriver, where it’s supposed to be. Until these documents are made public, all I can I say is I guess the Forest Service has to expect some lawsuits to be filed for violating the National Environmental Policy Act. Let’s get on the ball, Forest Service, and not be doing things behind the public’s back. Thank you.

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