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Too cool for school

Once a year, for the first 18-22 years of our lives, the rite of passage comes – back to school.Although I haven’t gone back to school for a few years now, the feeling still hits every time the heat gives way to cool, crisp air of fall. The first time you put on your favorite sweater, your new skirt and a pair of boots. New classes, new books, old faces, the first pile of leaves you kick up walking home – this is fall.Even what’s old feels new, and anything is possible from a budding romance to starting a new trend. But watch out, moms, what’s cool for you is cool for them. Your closets are not safe.Something embellishedEmbroidered, beaded, patchwork, sequined, bejeweled, you gotta have it. It’s more boho than bourgeoisies. The hot summer style will carry into fall. Add a cardigan to a fitted tee and long flowing skirt for cooler weather. Match your summer tunics with jeans. Pair a ruffled blouse with a mini. Wear a hoodie under your blazer. Finish your look with strands of beads.

For the preppyNot into the bohemian thing? No need to worry. There’s something for everyone this season. Shrunken blazers with lace tops or cute tanks are very smart. They pretty much go with anything from fluted skirts to ripped jeans.Toned downTrade in your bright colors for earthier tones for fall. Jade green, mustard yellow, berry wine and chocolate brown are in the forecast. Metallics still are still a go.

Armed with accessoriesIt’s all about boots, rugged, cowboy, biker, whatever suits your fancy. Wear them with slim jeans, long skirts, dressed up or down. Flats are abound and this time decked out. The traditional backpack is back. Add a punch with a varied assortment of handbags in all shapes, sizes, colors and textures. Look for long necklaces, big, round earrings, lots of bangles and oversized sunglasses.For the boysThe retro preppy look means lots of layering for guys this fall. It’s relaxed, but not sloppy. Layer a vintage tee and track jacket with distressed jeans. Polos are tighter with an athletic fit. For a modern take, wear them over long-sleeved tees.Extra extra

Sport a jeep cap or toboggan on a cool fall morning. Arm yourself with a big wrist watches and leather bands. Shaggy hair is still in, but so is the short look. Choose what works for you. Put on some old-school sneaks or some worn boots and youíre ready to go.Even if you’re not going back to school this fall, take the opportunity to reinvent your look, get creative, be experimental. You’ll never stop learning about yourself.Laura A. Ball can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 619, or, Colorado

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