Too lazy to bother |

Too lazy to bother


Fifty percent, 39 percent, 20 percent, 8 percent. In the country that perfected democracy, the next level in government, these percentages roughly reflect the “ordinary” citizen’s sense of civic responsibility.

These are the turnout percentages of the registered voters in Red Cliff, Minturn, Eagle and Gypsum. Pretty pathetic. Iraq and Haiti will provide better examples of democracy when those beleaguered countries next hold elections.

Imagine how poorly these towns’ citizenry show if the qualified folks who didn’t even bother to register to vote were counted?

Yammer on all you like about foreign policy, the price of gas, illegal immigrants, the national economy who to blame. Don’t you realize that your local town board or commission has more power over your everyday life? Isn’t that worth even a few minutes pondering your town, who aims to lead it and your vote?

Your failure to vote has nothing to do with feeling “disaffected.” That’s giving you too much credit. This is about laziness, no more.

Fishy count

Yes, it’s possible some calamity has befallen the Eagle River between last year’s fish count and this year’s. After several years of increasing numbers of fish being counted in the annual electrical shock sessions, this year’s numbers fell by 30 percent and worse.

Zinc? Nope, same level. Fewer bugs? Nope. Higher run-off? Maybe, but the counters have dealt with that before. What then?

Just before the most recent count, water folk were crowing about the restoration of the Eagle River from mine contamination.

Now, well, they’re scratching their heads.

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