Too much love for Sirota |

Too much love for Sirota

Patrick Glavey, Minturn

Now comes Charlie Owen to join Alex Miller on the “bestselling author” Dave Sirota love train. As best as I can tell, his book debuted at No. 20 on the New York Times bestseller list, and the following week, after all his friends and newspaper editors had bought their copies, it disappeared completely from the list.

Owen mentions a New York Times review (of Sirota’s other book, “Hostile Takeover”) portraying Sirota as a “populist rabble rouser.” I suppose for brevity’s sake, Owen neglected to mention the other comments from the reviewer. My favorites were “his 300 pages read like a bathtub of stale Nescafe”, and, “reads like the work of a high school newspaper editor.”

The fact is, anyone who actually slogs through his works could probably jog the march to Bataan.

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