Too much of a hurry in Edwards |

Too much of a hurry in Edwards

Julie Weihaupt
Edwards, CO, Colorado

Today, as I drove the speed limit, or maybe 5 mph more, out of Singletree at 6 a.m., I had the pleasure to be tailgated by an in-a-hurry driver.

After repeated attempts to intimidate me by this tailgating technique, the driver proceeded to flash his or her brights at me multiple times. I was approaching the final corner out of Singletree, thus used my discretion and slowed for the curve, at which point the rushed driver behind me felt it necessary to pass me on the curve ” over a double yellow line ” and speed to the stop sign. I reached the stop sign an alarmingly slow 5 seconds behind him (please read sarcasm into this statement).

After his turn onto the main road, he then promptly hit the red light and was again only 3 seconds ahead of me (gasp).

To all of you in-a-hurry, speeding, late-for-work drivers. Just because you slept too late, burnt your toast or left later than usual, it’s not my fault you are late.

I’m driving the speed limit or slightly above. I’m not a granny driver. Don’t get angry at me. Set your alarm for 10 minutes early. And, by the way, the Eagle County sheriffs now have your vehicle make and model and license number. So they’ll be looking for you.

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Julie Weihaupt


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