Too much waste in Eagle County government |

Too much waste in Eagle County government

Stephen Ridgway
Vail, Colorado, Co

The governmental leadership of Eagle County should be ashamed of themselves. In the last year our elected leadership has chosen to waste hundreds of thousands of dollars hiring consultants and design firms in an attempt to bring some sort of brand recognition to our county.

The recent expenditures on a new logo is just the latest in a string of absurd governmental actions. So far the county has paid nearly $40,000 for a new logo, which seems to require an interpreter thanks to the subtly horrific design elements that are incorporated in it.

Has anybody sat down to figure how much it is going to cost to implement this logo? What are the costs of reprinting every piece of paper, changing every sign, and re-stickering every vehicle and piece of equipment that bears the county logo? I am sure it is obscene.

Perhaps not as obscene as the money our county officials chose to spend trying to rename the Eagle County Regional Airport. For a few hundred thousand dollars, the citizens of Eagle County were pitched, “Colorado International Airport.” For $100,000 per word that’s amazingly creative, and specific. I’m sure a lot of people in Eagle County would have liked that contract. And just to be clear, the last time I was at the airport, it was still be called the “Eagle County Regional Airport,” so thanks for spending our tax dollars wisely.

Lastly, I would like to bring everyone’s attention to today’s Vail Daily article about the county looking for stimulus dollars. As elected officials, you seem to have no qualms about wastefully spending taxpayer money on your pet projects, so of course you are looking for federal stimulus money.

Why not waste more taxpayer dollars on things that nobody in this county cares about.

I am sure there is some money to buy more winter friendly Priuses, start another TV station that no one watches, or if you are really lucky you might be able to find some wetlands in the county with some field mice who need help.

As citizens of this county, we should be ashamed of our elected leaders for all of this.

If our county commissioners and other elected county officials can’t do any better than what they have done recently, they should resign and get out of the way.

Stop wasting our hard-earned dollars, and our valuable time with projects and expenditures that do not represent the role of local government, or the desires and needs of the electorate.

Stephen Ridgway

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